Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #93 - Revolution

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] the world of Gielinor is about to see a
[00:10] revolution so we thought who better than
[00:12] Maude Dean to get us ready for action we
[00:16] decided to introduce the revolution that
[00:18] may basically offer a lower intensity
[00:20] form of combat the benefits of this
[00:22] combat mode allow me to use all
[00:23] abilities thresholds Ultimates but I
[00:27] don't have to sit there and spam off my
[00:28] basics so it's a lower intensity mode
[00:30] but offering me the full capabilities of
[00:32] the EOC system so you'll get good XP
[00:34] rates and you can still remain social
[00:35] and chat to your friends how it works it
[00:37] will fire off only the basic abilities
[00:39] in sequence that we're off cooldown in
[00:41] your bar so check slot 1 if that's an
[00:43] off cooldown it'll fire it goes to slot
[00:46] 2 check see if it's on cooldown then
[00:48] goes and fires that if it is on cooldown
[00:50] it'll go to the next available slot that
[00:52] there's a basic in that and fires it
[00:53] automatically for you whilst using
[00:55] revolution you're still building
[00:56] adrenaline so you can fire off the
[00:57] thresholds or better still rush up to an
[00:59] Ultima and then get back into your
[01:01] thresholds for ultimate DPS we've
[01:03] replaced what used to be the bin icon on
[01:05] the actual action bar with a little
[01:07] Settings menu now this will open up a
[01:09] new interface and this sits within the
[01:10] powers and you base the combat interface
[01:13] panel from there you'll see a little
[01:14] slider and you'll be able to activate
[01:15] full manual mode that's what you're
[01:17] currently using probably momentum and
[01:19] revolution mode and that's the one you
[01:20] want to select wind turn revolution on
[01:22] up see you'll get a pump to let you know
[01:24] but the biggest thing you'll see is the
[01:26] big yellow border around the first nine
[01:28] slots this lets you know that they will
[01:29] be under the control of revolution so
[01:31] from the first time you select
[01:32] revolution will ask you do you want us
[01:34] to populate your ball this is dependent
[01:36] on what weapon you're wielding so if
[01:38] your maing Millea etc it looks into that
[01:40] for you to handle dual wield and we set
[01:42] up a bar for you these aren't the most
[01:44] efficient and you can change them and I
[01:46] do advise you to play around with them
[01:47] if you're looking to customise your bar
[01:49] for revolution you can do this via the
[01:51] combat settings in space and drag things
[01:53] to your action bar there or do it via
[01:55] your normal action bar and just drag the
[01:57] abilities in there revolution will
[01:59] update on the fly so you can customize
[02:01] these in real time if you would like to
[02:02] return to our revolution preset just
[02:04] right-click the little combat settings
[02:06] cog and then select setup action bar
[02:08] from there you'll be asked would you
[02:09] like to overwrite your current action
[02:11] bar again select yes and it will
[02:12] populate your action bar based upon the
[02:14] weapon you're wielding alongside
[02:15] revolution wealth in the ability queuing
[02:18] this is really good it allows you up and
[02:20] ability so I guess wired off as soon as
[02:22] it's available and off cooldown also
[02:24] we're offering momentum pluses we're
[02:25] calling it and this is a juiced-up
[02:27] version of momentum allows you to gain
[02:28] adrenaline and fire off Ultimates why I
[02:31] advise doing with this is popping
[02:32] Sekhmet small favors irk and then going
[02:35] back to your inflated auto attack damage
[02:36] plus you get this bonus stack damage of
[02:39] the ultimate if you'd like to find out
[02:40] more details about any of the combat
[02:42] mode just have a look at the combat
[02:43] settings panel and it's more detailed
[02:45] information and we'd like to thank all
[02:47] the players for their feedback
[02:48] suggestion and testing on the beat
[02:49] service so far I'd like to encourage to
[02:52] do more we can't do it without them and
[02:53] we've got some really cool stuff lined
[02:55] up including special attacks and gods
[02:56] spells just to name a few and they are
[02:58] pretty cool March is set to be a great
[03:02] month for law lovers with not one but
[03:04] two new quests mod mark will be here
[03:07] next week to tell us more
[03:33] revolution is a new combat mode designed
[03:35] to be lower intensity for those that
[03:37] looking for it it was brought about by
[03:38] an idea from the forms me