Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #92 - Heist

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Heist is a very exciting crime based mini-game coming to RuneScape next week.
[00:12] In the name of public service, Behind The Scenes took charge of the interrogation to find out more.
[00:19] Heist is a brand new RuneScape mini-game. It features two teams, the guards and the robbers.
[00:22] The objective is for the robbers to case an entire island and buildings and locate the treasure and get it off in time before the guards capture them all.
[00:31] Heist has no requirements to play it and you can find it just west of the Falador Lodestone - there's a ladder hanging down from the sky.
[00:36] If you climb up there you'll find this awesome sky platform where you can join a team or be assigned one if you go to the random portal.
[00:41] If you want to play with your friends, when you click on a ladder to climb up it you can actually set up a private lobby
[00:46] so you can give your friends a little password to go in there and play a custom match.
[00:49] There's five maps available for Heist on release including the Power To The Players poll winner which is the Canifis map.
[00:55] To win the guards have got loads of stuff at their disposal. The main one is the "accuse" option so you can accuse anyone on the entire island.
[01:02] The catch is you can accuse innocent civilians so the key tactic you need to use is your cunning and your ability to spot who doesn't fit into a crowd.
[01:09] So if a robber doesn't blend in well enough and a guard spots them, they can correctly accuse them they enter an "evasion mode" where the robber can run away -
[01:16] however, it drains a lot of their run energy so the guard's pretty much going to catch you.
[01:20] When you get caught you'll be put into arrest. If you get arrested twice you'll go to jail.
[01:24] If you can't get out of jail within a minute you'll get turned into a guard and you'll join their team so eventually there might be nine guards versus one robber.
[01:30] The main tactic the robbers need to think about using is blending in. It's the biggest point of this entire mini-game for the robbers.
[01:36] If they don't blend in they'll get caught because the guards will spot them being suspicious or acting funny.
[01:40] The main thing they can do to do this is to take the form of anyone on the entire island
[01:45] so if you see a citizen you can literally just click him and you'll become that person, you'll take that person's place on the island.
[01:50] From then it's about acting like the NPC's on the island, moving around, visiting locations
[01:54] and hopefully sneaking into the bank and taking some treasure.
[01:57] When you play Heist you get reward points that scale to the duration of the match so you always get reimbursed for the time you spent playing.
[02:03] You can use the reward points to buy Hunter XP or Thieving XP that come in the form of Bonus XP.
[02:07] If you don't want to do the XP route you can also buy perks that are used in the game itself and make you more effective.
[02:13] For example, the robbers have one called "Decoy" and if you use it during the game, it will deploy a copy of you so if the guards chasing you,
[02:20] hit the Decoy button and they might get confused and go after the wrong guy.
[02:23] Another key perk that I recommend the robbers aim to get is the "Great Escape" perk.
[02:27] Essentially when you click it, it throws a spade into the jail so if you do get jailed, you've got a minute before you get turned into a guard.
[02:33] However, if you've got this perk you can search the bed, get a spade and dig your way to freedom.
[02:36] On the flip side, the guards have perks like deployable mines, they don't blow up but they'll trigger an alarm if a robber gets close to them.
[02:43] So you can deploy it at the bank, go off and explore the whole city looking for the robber but if your mine goes off you'll be alerted to it.
[02:48] Another really useful perk for the guards which I highly recommend you get early because it's cheap is the ability to use the noticeboard.
[02:53] The noticeboard is on the wall in the guard station and when you click on it, it will load an interface and you can see all of the robber's form
[03:00] so if they're disguised as a guard it'll say there's a guard that's wanted and that gives you an inkling of who to look out for on the island.
[03:06] Each map has an interesting quirk to it. For example some you can swim around the perimeter in the sea and you have all sorts of crazy guard versus robber swim chases.
[03:14] Furthermore there's NPC's hidden in the map sometimes which you can help by doing mini quests and they give you an in-game reward.
[03:20] For example if you're a robber you'll get a free bit of loot which obviously saves you the risk
[03:24] and if you're a guard you'll get a trail to a robber which lasts a certain amount of time which you can just follow, and nick 'em.
[03:29] My favourite thing about Heist is definitely the random generation.
[03:31] So every level is randomly generated so the map is different every time you load into Heist and with all the extra things that can happen in the game
[03:37] even though you know what to do, you don't know how it's going to play out this time.
[03:42] If you have a question about this or any RuneScape video, ping us an email to [email protected] and let us know.