Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #90 - Month Ahead February

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

The Month Ahead: February
[00:08] Well, January's as good as done and so it's only right that Mod Mark should be here to tell us what's coming up in February. Over to you Mark.
[00:16] Firstly, I'd like to talk about our first quest of the year, called "One of a Kind".
[00:21] It's looking fantastic and, on popular demand, it's a grandmaster quest! With requirements ranging from 74 summoning to 67 dungeoneering,
[00:30] you'll investigate the appearance of a journal stating that one of the Dragon Riders, a race previously thought extinct,
[00:37] might be alive, trapped in stone inside Robert the Strong's secret library!
[00:41] This is a story about being alone, being the last of your kind. Do you fight or do you accept what fate has decreed?
[00:49] We've listened to feedback, adding more lore and globetrotting than some of our more recent quests, and included plenty of quest pre-requisites.
[00:57] Can you find the hidden library and investigate theů you know what?
[01:02] There's some really fantastic scenes and choices in the quest, one of which I think you'll find particularly uplifting,
[01:08] but I won't ruin those for you now. I will tell you about the rewards, which include a Dragon Rider amulet,
[01:14] the rest of the Dragon Rider armour set and a brand new dungeon full of the Prismatic dragons you voted for in the polls.
[01:20] Another poll launched in January asked you to select a creature type that's ripe for a reworked drop table.
[01:27] The demons won, and so we have been working away on removing the "junk" and adding more relevant and valuable drops to Imps, Lessers, Greaters and Abyssal Demons.
[01:36] We actually managed to do even more than stated in the polls,
[01:40] also adding black demons (a personal favourite training target back from the days of classic) and tormented demons.
[01:45] Perhaps most excitingly, we've also added some unique drops to the abyssal demons, helping to justify that epic level 85 slayer requirement.
[01:55] So keep an eye out for abyssal wands and orbs in the GE.
[02:00] My personal favourite update of the month is a brand new minigame that we've called "Heist".
[02:04] Players will take on the roles of robbers or guards, trying to steal or protect the treasures from a variety of different game maps.
[02:11] As a robber, you'll disguise yourself as a local, imitating their movements and using all your cunning and deception to dodge the guards and leg it with the cash.
[02:19] As a guard, you'll need to keep a beady eye on your surroundings and use the latest RS gadgets,
[02:25] like surveillance orbs, or just simple old fashioned "unfounded, baseless accusations" to catch your targets.
[02:32] It's really a lot of fun and we have had weeks of playtesting in the office, fully utilising the ability to disguise yourself as a camel.
[02:39] There's rooftop chases, digging tunnels out of jail, and loads of special bits of gameplay unique to each map,
[02:45] one of which includes Canafis after you voted for it in the poll.
[02:49] Rewards include plenty of unlocks for the minigame, and lots of hunter and thieving XP to earn.
[02:54] There's lots of other stuff out this month too, like some new animations for low level combat abilities,
[02:59] a rework to Burthorpe's "Daily Challenge" environment, circus teleports and a new "wicked pouch" item in the store,
[03:06] new seasonal high scores about the slayer tower and healing, even some ingame rewards for the Golden Gnome winners from RuneFest 2013.
[03:14] Well, I hope that's made you all happy and warm inside, and ready for Valentine's Day!
[03:21] Wooters out.
[03:24] And we'll be getting stuck into February's content from next week on Behind the Scenes.