Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #8 - Social Slayer & Gielinor Games!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Behind the Scenes
Gielinor Games and Social Slayer
[00:06] Welcome to RuneScape: Behind the Scenes
[00:08] this week we've got news on Social Slayer
[00:10] but first, it's time for a first look at an update first hinted at in 2011's RuneFest -
[00:15] the Gielinor Games.
[00:17] From goblins to gnomes, the races of RuneScape have come together to compete in Gielinor's biggest ever sporting spectacle.
[00:25] .It's probably the only time that so many of Gielinors inhabitants will come together without bashing each other's heads in
[00:30] so it's certainly a time to rejoice.
[00:33] All players are eligible to join the games and have a go at getting onto the rostrum and members will have extra chances of going for gold thanks to some additional member and monster only events.
[00:43] I don't want to give too much away but we have events such as the CheeseWheel rolling event
[00:46] where players will frantically chase down a hill after a rolling sphere of dairy product
[00:50] avoiding obstacles, trying to get as far as possible, trying to compete against other players playing at the same time so it will be nice and frantic.
[00:57] Players will also be able to get XP from this as a reward and also other things as well.
[01:01] There are 5 different events in total from the creator of the Fremmenik Sagas and Herblore Habitat, with some wonderful rewards for those who shine.
[01:09] But, you'll hear more about those in a BTS closer to the update's launch later in July.
[01:14] If you can't wait for the Gielinor games and want rewards now, then don't worry,
[01:18] Social Slayer comes to RuneScape next week.
[01:27] Ever wanted to train you slayer with a friend?
[01:29] Well soon you can by teaming up with others and completing Slayer tasks in groups to earn Slayer points and spend them on cool rewards.
[01:37] You'll be able to create a Slayer Group using the Slayer Gem and then once you've teamed up, go and get a task from the Slayer Master.
[01:45] Don't think you can just sit back and let your friends do all the work though.
[01:48] Whilst you will earn co-op points for each task completed, your actual Slayer Points rise with your kill count
[01:54] so get stuck in and kill some bad guys!
[01:57] You'll then be able to grab yourself some cool rewards such as this Baby Aquanite!
[02:02] Social Slayer comes to RuneCast on July 10th.
[02:04] That's all from Behind The Scenes this week. Join us next week for more news on what's about to go on in Gielinor.