Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #88 - Combat Improvements

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

Combat Improvements
[00:07] RuneScape's combat system continues its evolution in the shape of a whole raft of community inspired improvements.
[00:13] Chris L came to see Behind the Scenes to give us a first look of what's involved in combat's biggest shake up yet.
[00:22] Hi guys, Mod Chris L, principle developer for RuneScape development here.
[00:25] Here to talk about some EoC updates you'll be able to find on the Beta server today.
[00:29] The big improvements you're going to see are the introduction of special attacks again, an awesome new ability called Revolution,
[00:35] the ability to queue your abilities and some changes to Momentum that we're calling Momentum Plus.
[00:40] Everything I'm about to show you can be played and tested on the Beta servers right now.
[00:44] You can get to the Beta servers via a button on the home page or the link in this video.
[00:48] When the Beta client's loaded, just log in with your normal account and you're ready to play.
[00:52] Revolution
[00:56] So, Revolution is the first big thing you're going to notice on the Beta, it came from a player suggestion
[01:00] and we're really going to be watching the player suggestions and feedback on the forums so make your voice heard and jump on there.
[01:04] What Revolution is, in a nutshell, is it's an ability to that you toggle on and it will use your basic combat abilities for you in order.
[01:11] So, if you put five things on the first slots on the action bar, it'll go through them in order if they're off of cool down.
[01:16] This really reduces the intensity of combat and the need for your fingers to be dancing across the keyboard.
[01:21] To activate Revolution, locate it in the Constitution ability book.
[01:24] When it's toggled on the first time it'll offer to set the bar for you so if you're not comfortable making a rotation, there's a few suggested load outs we can offer you.
[01:32] When it's on you'll see a yellow bar around the first nine slots of your action bar. These are the slots that the basic abilities it uses can be put in.
[01:39] The last three slots it won't use so if you want to save Surge, Freedom or other abilities for personal use, drop them in the last three slots and they won't be used.
[01:47] We've introduced Revolution as a hands off approach to EoC so those people who don't want to be moving their fingers on the keyboard
[01:52] but want the benefits that it offers can toggle Revolution on and then choose and then choose their level of involvement in the combat system.
[01:59] Ability Queuing & Momentum Plus
[02:02] The next exciting thing you're going to see today is ability queuing. You can toggle an ability whilst things are on cool down.
[02:08] So previously, it was "ability not ready yet, ability not ready yet" and nobody was a fan of that spam
[02:13] so what we're offering this time is, if an ability is on cool down but you want to do it when it is off cool down,
[02:17] you just hit the button, it will start glowing and then when it's available it will use it automatically.
[02:21] It's also worth mentioning, you can use this before you go into combat which is a really awesome addition because you can now open with any ability that's available to you.
[02:28] If you're still not comfortable with the level of intensity Revolution or the full system offers and you're using Momentum at the moment,
[02:34] we've made a change to Momentum which we're calling "Momentum Plus".
[02:37] What this does is it generates adrenaline for you while Momentum's on. And you can also Ultimate abilities without Momentum being toggled off.
[02:44] So it gives a lot more of that old feel of combat with the bar going up, you do an awesome attack and the bar goes down.
[02:49] Special Attacks
[02:53] A big reveal for today's Beta is the reintroduction of Special Attacks. If you don't know what a Special Attack is,
[02:58] we used to have weapons that had unique abilities which we call Special Attacks.
[03:01] When we removed them with the introduction of the EoC, a lot of the weapon diversification was lost.
[03:06] No one was a big fan of this so we've brought them back for the beta today. If your weapon has a Special Attack,
[03:10] a new button on the end of the bar will be lit up when you've equipped it. It'll have a tool tip telling you what it does and when to use it.
[03:17] When you've got enough adrenaline, hit the button and a new, or old Special Attack will fire.
[03:22] So that's it, all of the features I've described are on the Beta right now. Jump on, have a play. Make sure you leave your feedback on the forums.
[03:29] We're going to be targeting some polls to the beta server specifically for the guys that are playing on there.
[03:33] Make sure you guys give your feedback because we're really not going to release this until you're happy with it.
[03:39] And that's not it for Behind the Scenes this week as tomorrow Mod Deg will be here to talk us through the completely reworked Giant Mole.