Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #87 - Eight of the Best

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Do you want Jagex's developers to be working on the invention skill or the elf city?
[00:13] To help you make up your mind, Mods Moltare and Osborne held a Question and Answer session on the forums this week.
[00:18] The following morning, lured in by the promise of tea, they answered their favourite questions of the night, just for Behind the Scenes.
[00:27] What will be required to access all segments of the Elf City?
[00:30] So many people were questioning whether we should have requirements or whether or not we planned too.
[00:36] We were never going to get rid of those requirements to get into the elf area, so underground pass still remains a requirement.
[00:44] To get to the Elf city, though, we'd like to add Within the Light as a requirement.
[00:48] There may well be future batches, you know, like expansions to the elf city, and that might then require an Elf grand master quest.
[00:55] How much will invention rely on other skills?
[00:59] One of our core aims, and it's been there for a while, is too have inventor enhance your other production skills in some way
[01:07] so there should be a tie in from smithing, there should be a tie in from crafting,
[01:11] there should be a tie in from everything that currently produces goods.
[01:13] Whether that's simply at a level of you use the raw materials from using those production skills to feed into inventor
[01:23] and then have rewards from levelling the inventor skill tie back into those other production skills.
[01:30] So almost creating that loop.
[01:31] Yeah, there's a synergy there.
[01:33] And we do want them to go together.
[01:36] What we don't want to do is making inventor a real pain to train and level if you don't also have skills at that same level.
[01:43] So we're going to have to be quite careful there.
[01:45] Will a quest be released with the city?
[01:48] I think we'd be killed if we didn't. So we really need to do a grand master quest. People have been waiting long enough after Within the Light,
[01:55] and before Within the Light there was another big gap for the previous elf quest so we have to do it
[02:00] and we'd like to get that out either with the elf city or in the weeks that follow.
[02:04] That will be a culmination quest, that will tie together everything we could possibly tie up.
[02:08] What will stop Invention products becoming a new junk item?
[02:11] We'd like to move away from the notion that training a skill is just pick up 28 of these make 28 of these with them,
[02:18] do it again, because yes that does lead to all these items that nobody actually wants cluttering up the economy.
[02:24] So we'd like to do something - use what we've learned from Artisans workshop - to give you training methods
[02:31] that don't necessarily produce a whole mess of stuff but also at the same time give you methods to create stuff that you can profit from.
[02:39] Will Seren be released at the same time as Prifddinas?
[02:42] We've listened to people's feedback and decided the big thing people wanted was that high level Varrock
[02:46] and also that they wanted a grand master quest experience - a Mornings End part 3, effectively.
[02:51] And that's exactly what we wanted to deliver so Seren will be separated out from that.
[02:55] How will Invention link with Divination?
[02:59] The whole use of divine energy, I think we can have that as a core power source
[03:06] and of what people are seeking lore-wise to tie into these new inventions, these new creations.
[03:12] These ways people are taking their own efforts forward.
[03:15] It's kind of like, it's the magical half.
[03:17] Yes.
[03:18] - Magic and technology.
- RuneScape has always been magic and technology.
[03:23] Yeah, absolutely.
[03:24] How huge is Prifddinas?
[03:27] - On the minimap...
- It's about 2 map squares by 2 map squares.
[03:33] Yeah that's it, so it's really hard to decide how big Prifddinas is going to be
[03:36] without knowing all of the content that's going to be in there, we're still designing it.
[03:39] We want to ask players in Power to the Players polls about what content goes in there,
[03:45] but even with the Grand Exchange included, which is something we'd really like to include,
[03:49] we're investigating that at the moment.
[03:50] The grand exchange takes up a large proportion of city space.
[03:54] Yeah, it's hard to be a new Varrock without a Grand Exchange.
[03:56] Yeah, it is. It really is. So already that takes up a chunk of it. Priddinas is only so big at the moment.
[04:01] I feel that it will probably expand out but that will really be determined by polls and by the nature of those segments,
[04:07] for example one segment might need fishing so we'll push it and create a port, maybe put it closer to the sea, that kind of thing.
[04:12] What can you tell us about the narrative of Invention?
[04:15] RuneScape again very much the magic and the technology, we're at a sort of early renaissance period as far as our own history would be concerned.
[04:24] We've got some guns but they're not reliable, they're more like hackbut's from the early gun powder based weapons.
[04:31] Kind of combustible, unreliable.
[04:33] Yeah, we've got steam engines but they're the fly wheel jobs,
[04:36] they're cobbled together by the dwarves.
[04:38] We've got aviation but it's the gnomes that do it and they're not sharing.
[04:43] We've got this kind of Tesla-like electricity but its not reliable.
[04:46] Yeah, from the Dorgashon. So we don't want to move the world on, we don't want to make an industrial revolution out of the inventor skill.
[04:54] So it'll be very much focused around personal experimentation, personal enhancement, things that you prototype that really aren't ready for the big time yet.
[05:04] Got ya.
[05:05] It's not new production, it's not factories springing up across the land, it's people fiddling, it's the player in the forefront.
[05:11] - People fiddling.
- Fiddling with stuff to find out what works now that we've got this new energy source in the form of divine energy.
[05:17] So I guess it's back to work and thank you BTS, wherever you are, for the tea.
[05:22] And biscuits!
[05:26] The Giant Mole is coming to RuneScape and so next week,
[05:29] Behind the Scenes goes underground to meet Mod Deg and unearth how the update was created.