Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #86 - Invention vs Elf City

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Invention vs Elf City
[00:08] Starting this month you vote for the content you want to see as the team give the power to the players.
[00:14] Our first power to the player poll starts very soon and it's a big one.
[00:19] What do you want the team to work on the invention skill or the Elven city?
[00:23] It's a big decision to make and its up to the community to make it.
[00:27] There's loads to think about when choosing and to give you a hand
[00:30] Mods Mark and Dean each have sixty seconds to tell us how your choice will change Runescape.
[00:36] Mod Marks up first and he's been getting worked up at the very thought of the new skill, invention.
[00:43] It's a brand new skill! It's exciting; there's lots to do and lots of reasons to train it!
[00:49] Imagine a device, powered by divine energies and new stuff like sulphur, where you tip in your raw materials and it can grind for you!
[00:56] There are existing items like turning ore into bars but also new things like making explosives or lightning conductors.
[01:02] You're a medieval style mad scientist, or a crazy Greek philosopher or alchemist, manipulating raw energy.
[01:09] You'll be able to find new rare plans and earn inspiration to make new gear marvelous items of wonder.
[01:16] You'll also be able to customise this new gear visually and make it unique for you and your play style with your own name on it.
[01:22] These items become even more unique with skill and combat equipment leveling up with you,
[01:27] growing and changing depending on how you use them, almost developing their own personalities.
[01:32] It's linked to the existing NPC technologies that you see in quests and also the godless,
[01:37] and ultimately gives the population of RuneScape their best possible defense against the gods if everything turns nasty.
[01:44] Bringing the elven city to life is something that we in the development Team are really excited about working on
[01:49] and if you vote for it, Priffdinnas will be one of the most stunning updates of the year.
[01:54] The elven city will be a key location for mid to high level players with new training areas and new ways to train skills
[02:00] including learning the art of crystal singing to craft items from crystal seeds.
[02:05] We'll have guild like areas, shops and new combat encounters and all with an Elven twist.
[02:09] We want to remain true to the existing lore of the area, so you'll get to see the Tower of Voices, The Great Library and the Eight Towers to name but a few.
[02:17] Of course, the awakening of the city wouldn't be complete without a quest.
[02:20] And so close to release of the elven city, there'll be a story that'll see you continuing your adventure deep into the Elven lands.
[02:27] The shape of the elven city update will be guided by you with key decisions up for the vote throughout the development.
[02:32] Whether you're a Quester, a skiller or a killer; we've got you covered.
[02:36] This year, you have the chance to make Priffdinnas, the elven city, a reality.
[02:41] Hmm, pretty strong cases for both the Elf City and the Invention skill there.
[02:46] Choosing the content you want to see in game maybe tough but fortunately, voting for your favourite is easy peasy.
[02:53] If you're a Runescape member, log in to game, go to your community tab and click on vote now.
[02:58] At any one time, there'll be several polls running at once so choose the one you want to vote on and then make your choice.
[03:05] You can then see how the voting is going and if you want to, switch your vote.
[03:09] You get to change the shape of Runescape forever with this poll
[03:12] and so it's open for a month to give you plenty of time to campaign for the content you want to see in Runescape.
[03:18] Good luck and get voting.
[03:21] And the first polls launch next week.
[03:24] If you've got a question for Behind the Scenes about Power to the Players or any of RuneScape's updates then we want to hear from you so get in touch.