Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #85 - The Month Ahead - January

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

The Month Ahead: January
[00:08] This year the RuneScape team are giving more power to the community than ever before and as Mod Mark explains that starts right now.
[00:17] We really want to start as we mean to go on in January and we're going to be introducing you to a huge range of polls
[00:24] where you get to decide the content we're working on in the future.
[00:28] The first poll we're launching is a massive poll where you get to decide between the Elf City and the Inventor skill.
[00:36] Whichever of those options wins the poll will be immediately put into development.
[00:41] We'll also be putting all of the voting options in game so you won't have to log into a different area of the website
[00:47] you'll be able to do all of your voting just as you're playing RuneScape.
[00:50] Hati and Skoll will be making a vicious return to the game.
[00:54] These are 2 boss monsters located around the Fremennik Province that you'll be able to fight or engage with to get a whole bunch of bonus XP.
[01:03] Our biggest update in January is a huge new addition to Player Owned Ports.
[01:08] We're introducing over 300 new voyages to the game and they'll be orchestrated around 3 new adventurers
[01:16] that you'll be able to find as you send your ships all over the world.
[01:20] The 3 skills that you'll need will be level 90 Cooking, level 90 Hunter and level 90 Construction
[01:28] and there'll also be a whole host of new rewards to interact with too, like a level 85 ring, level 85 capes and also a new set of throwing darts.
[01:40] A long long time ago we released something call the giant mole and this is a cute little creature who lives under the gardens in Falador
[01:48] and has been strangely affected by a growth potion that Windin the Gardener poured down a hole.
[01:54] This massive great big giant mole was great fun to fight but we really haven't updated him for a long time.
[02:00] In January we've changed that because we've given him a completely new model and brand new gameplay to suite the new combat.
[02:08] There are new rewards being added for the mole, like a really cute new shield that has a baby mole hung to the front of it
[02:16] and also a super growth potion that you'll be able to use in your farming.
[02:20] We're making some changes to the slayer helm which will allow you to use the helm a bit like a slayer gem
[02:26] and also add features to the slayer helm like grafting a slayer ring on to the front of it so you can use it to teleport about.
[02:33] We're also releasing a bunch of new rewards relating to cooperative slaying
[02:38] including a new pet and a whole bunch of features that you'll be able to use as you're cooperatively slaying.
[02:44] There're also some great new things going into Solomon's Store in January.
[02:48] We've got some new outfits and new teleports relating to the world event.
[02:52] We've also got some new character showcase outfits including the amazing grim reaper armour.
[03:00] That's everything we've got planned for January. In the meantime make sure to get your teeth stuck into World Event 2.
[03:06] Those gods really need your help and if you've got a mobile phone check out the RuneScape Companion App too - it's really cool.
[03:14] In the meantime this is Mod Mark signing out.
[03:17] Wooters out.
[03:20] Lots to look at in next week's Behind the Scenes, including a closer look at how you'll be choosing what the content the team are working on.