Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #84 - Power to the Players

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] RUNESCAPE 2014
[00:08] It's been a great year with content like the dawn of the sixth age, Runescape 3, new boss monsters and the divination skill.
[00:16] However, we didn't live up to all the promises we made and overall we simply tried to do too much.
[00:23] This year we want the focus to be on things that make us special
[00:26] and find new ways to use our best asset of all and the thing we're most proud of: you, our community.
[00:34] We want more quests, more high-level content and more changes
[00:38] focusing around making your everyday gameplay more fun and more engaging than ever before.
[00:45] But more importantly we're going to let you decide what those things are.
[00:49] Try as we might we can't read every comment and suggestion you make.
[00:53] So we asked ourselves, "It worked pretty good for the big polls..."
[00:57] "What if we polled the players about almost everything that we do?"
[01:00] So we're going to try it by giving the power to the players.
[01:07] In January we're going to launch a new poll system that's actually going to be in the game itself.
[01:11] Every week there's going to be a new vote
[01:13] where players get to decide what updates we do and what goes into them.
[01:17] We're going to start by asking about some of the most anticipated content.
[01:21] What should we do first, Invention skill or the Elf City?
[01:26] That's a really big question, but soon we want the players own suggestions coming into the pool system itself.
[01:33] The majority of the content next year is going to be chosen and shaped by the players
[01:37] and these are going to be meaningful choices, they're really going to matter.
[01:40] But we're also going to make sure they're achievable.
[01:43] With every poll there's going to be an ETA, so players will know what they're getting and when they're getting it.
[01:49] This all means that the players are going to have a massive effect of the future of Runescape,
[01:54] really it's like they're joining the development team.
[01:59] In 2013 you got some great quests World Wakes, Birthright of the Dwarves,
[02:03] but we want to release more quests this year we really want to get into the double figures.
[02:07] We want to give you a real diversity of quests too, so you can expect Whilst Guthix sleeps kind of experiences,
[02:12] where you're moving across globe trotting the world, but you've also got shorter more punchy quests,
[02:18] and some sixth age quests too that react too things like World Event 2, for example.
[02:24] We're putting more focus on high level players in 2014.
[02:27] I for one am looking forward to seeing all the new bosses, skills and other things
[02:31] coming out as a result of the new voting system.
[02:32] For instance they could be voting on the shape of the new boss,
[02:35] what skills is this going to incorporate, how many players...
[02:37] These are all big questions that I know the players are talking about at the moment.
[02:43] In 2014 the Ninja team are going to be looking at fixing all those small but important issues
[02:48] that really affect players game play experience.
[02:50] We'll be looking at the players suggestions and working on improvements
[02:53] that should really positively impact players enjoyment.
[02:56] Well, we've got lots to do and we're more committed than ever to make good on these promises.
[03:02] We can't wait to see what you've got in store for us this year.