Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #83 - Christmas 2013

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Lumbridge's festive fair will be a wonderful event celebrating all of the magic of Christmas.
[00:12] If a certain demon has his way though, there'll be nothing wonderful about Christmas whatsoever,
[00:17] starting with the imprisonment of Santa himself.
[00:23] Christmas events have always been really popular in RuneScape,
[00:25] so this year, especially with a serious world event going on, we thought we'd do something really fun and festive.
[00:29] A demon called San'tar Klaws has taken over the Christmas Fair and locked up Santa.
[00:33] So, the fair that the original Santa had intended to be a fun, happy time for all the citizens of Lumbridge, has kind of been ruined.
[00:39] Players can help Santa by participating in various activities around the event including feeding and stroking his reindeer,
[00:45] serving wizards in a banquet and participating in fun and fair snowball fights.
[00:49] These will all gain points to go on Santa's nice list.
[00:53] Obviously some players are going to want to be a bit more mischievous during their Christmas holidays
[00:57] so they can gain points for Santa's naughty list basically by doing bad versions of the activities.
[01:02] So for example, throwing exploding snowballs,
[01:05] serving rubber chicken drum sticks instead of turkey drum sticks
[01:08] or feeding and stroking reindeer that have been converted to evil.
[01:11] There are loads of rewards this year. Firstly if you get enough naughty
[01:15] or nice points to either impress or drive San'tar Klaws away
[01:19] you can unlock the Christmas emote as well as any previous Christmas emotes that you may have missed.
[01:23] In addition, with your combined total of naughty and nice points,
[01:26] you can unlock three new rewards including a tinsel scarf,
[01:29] an amazingly festive Christmas jumper and a new pet.
[01:33] If you're skilling or doing combat around the world you may also get a Christmas bauble,
[01:37] you can take these to your tree in the Lumbridge crater and decorate it for additional points.
[01:41] As well as that there's also a bonfire at the Christmas fair which you can get bonus fire making XP from
[01:46] and there's an additional boost based on how many Christmassy items you're wearing.
[01:49] Every 20 minutes in the crater there'll be a new enhanced event.
[01:53] This means you'll get double points for participating in that activity
[01:56] so you'll always want to be keeping an eye out for those.
[01:58] There are loads of familiar faces at the event this year.
[02:01] Obviously we've got Santa but we've also got loads of characters that you'll recognise from previous Christmases
[02:06] including Jack Frost, the Snow Imp, Thok and his tiny hat and my personal favourite, Sir Amik Varze (SP)
[02:12] who once again, has had one too many glasses of mulled wine.
[02:15] Up To Snow Good isn't the only thing we've got going on for Christmas this year.
[02:18] We've also got the 15 days of Christmas.
[02:22] You might be used to hearing the 12 days of Christmas but we decided that 12 days wasn't enough
[02:25] so we've gone for 15 days of Christmas and that's going to run from the 20th December to the 3rd January.
[02:30] Basically, during that time players are going to be able to earn festive crackers and get all sorts of nice rewards from them.
[02:35] Mulled wine, yule logs, even a lump of coal.
[02:39] But the main thing you're going to want to earn is the black Santa hat and that's going to be a really rare tradable item.
[02:44] All around Gielinor you're going to find helpful snow imps, they're placed at key Lodestones, major locations
[02:49] and if you go and talk to them they're going to tell you all the different things you can do to earn festive crackers.
[02:53] That includes daily challenges (you can do one a day to get a cracker), skilling and killing monsters can also earn you a cracker as well.
[02:59] Over the course of the 15 days there are going to be loads of events running in the party room in Falador
[03:03] and these are going to happen at 8pm and 2am (GMT) on every server where players can go
[03:08] and there's going to be 200 crackers dropped all at once so you've got to be really fast to try and pick up as many as you can.
[03:12] We're going to be running all sorts of competitions on the website, on the forums and on Twitter.
[03:17] So follow me @jagexollie and the other guys as well.
[03:20] There's a buff called the Blessing of Winter that you can get by wearing Christmas gear
[03:24] and that can be from this year's event, last year's event, any event since the start of RuneScape.
[03:28] So basically, by wearing this gear you'll give yourself an increased chance of getting crackers
[03:32] and that is 20% of the original chance for every single piece you're wearing.
[03:36] Now you might think "ah this Christmas gear's got no stats on it so I'll get bashed"
[03:41] but if you go out and you wear it, you'll also get a combat buff which gives you hybrid stats appropriate for your level.
[03:46] And don't forget that, while you're out in the world skilling and killing monsters,
[03:48] you can still equip your festive aura which is active for the rest of December.
[03:51] And to everyone watching, have a Merry Christmas!
[03:56] As the end of 2013 comes hurtling into view, the RuneScape team takes stock of the content in next week's Behind the Scenes.