Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #82 - The Bird and the Beast

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] The first World Event saw the iconic town of Lumbridge nearly erased from the map.
[00:13] In the second World Event the stakes are even higher as this time around, two Gods battle it out for their lives.
[00:21] Bandos and Armadyl have been enemies for a very long time.
[00:24] They've got a history. It dates back to the God Wars and before.
[00:27] Sliske's declaration was the last straw.
[00:30] With the two of them both having very different ideas about what should happen to the stone of Jas,
[00:35] they're now facing off against each other and it's a fight to the death.
[00:40] The towers that the two gods have built are not only centres of operation,
[00:44] bases from which their armies move, but are also themselves the massive weapons with which they hope to gain victory.
[00:50] Bandos is just east of the Goblin village, Armadyl is just south of Falador and they're watching each other.
[00:57] Charging and firing these weapons requires copious amounts of divine energy but since the divine tears have dried up,
[01:03] they need a different way of getting hold of it.
[01:06] Bandos and Armadyl are sending caravans out to the world to collect divine energy.
[01:09] They'll use divine energy to power their weapons to kill the other God.
[01:13] Your job as a player is threefold. You're going to be exploring the world finding sites that the caravans will stop at.
[01:20] And on these sites you're going to build a building that's going to aid your faction around that area.
[01:25] The building gives your faction a bonus while the caravan is around and more importantly,
[01:31] a completed building will allow your faction base to teleport from your tower
[01:35] all the way to that node as an easy way of getting reinforcements.
[01:40] Attacking a caravan couldn't be easier.
[01:42] You just turn up, you find your enemy's caravan, you destroy the bodyguards,
[01:46] then you destroy the caravan itself before it fills itself up with divine energy.
[01:50] The other job that you'll be undertaking is going out and protecting your caravans from destruction
[01:55] so they can pick up a full load of divine energy and take it back to their tower.
[01:59] Players who are looking to beat up other faction's convoys will of course find themselves in conflict with other players
[02:05] and that's where the PvP comes in.
[02:15] We're introducing open world PvP so it's across the whole of the map or a large proportion of the map
[02:23] and making sure that it is safe is really important to us.
[02:26] We want people to take part in the PvP, and enjoy it and the safe death is an important part of that.
[02:33] Of course, higher level players are going to have the advantage against the lower level players
[02:39] but we've tried to provide a little bit of help by including some damage scaling for higher level combat players.
[02:46] When you kill a worthy opponent in PvP you've got a chance of picking up a Heroic Skull.
[02:51] Take these Heroic Skulls back to your faction Tower and bury them for great Prayer XP.
[02:56] The more skulls you bury, the greater the multiplier on that XP.
[03:01] However if you don't like PvP or don't want to do PvP then that's fine, you don't have to however if you do then you'll get your rewards quicker.
[03:07] There are great rewards for supporting your God for example,
[03:12] the armour available is hybrid and its special effect is that it reduces the cool downs on your abilities.
[03:20] Another of the rewards are new abilities and these can be used in all three combat styles and they'll give buffs to your prayer.
[03:28] You can also get some new emotes that show off your allegiance to your chosen God.
[03:33] We've gathered a great deal of feedback in the aftermath of the Battle of Lumbridge and we're acting on it.
[03:37] We're making the outcome of the player votes more meaningful, we've shortened the event slightly
[03:43] - it's six weeks instead of ten and we've added PvP of course.
[03:47] I really want the players to enjoy the content and engage in it.
[03:51] A God is going to die at the end of it so we really want people to take part and fight for their side.
[03:57] Who will I be siding with? Well, speaking as a J-mod of course I'm entirely neutral, I have not picked a side at all.
[04:05] Speaking as a player, Armadyl's got all the smarts but Bandos has all the style.
[04:12] Opinions are divided around the office.
[04:14] I support Armadyl because he created clan citadels and avatars.
[04:18] I'm supporting Bandos because I want to see a giant chicken get punched in the face.
[04:22] For this World Event I'll be supporting Armadyl because he's so awesome.
[04:26] I support Armadyl because he's the God of Justice.
[04:29] In World Event II I'm going to be supporting Bandos. One, because he's from up north and two, he's true to his word.
[04:33] I will be siding with Bandos because his armour looks awesome.
[04:38] I'm supporting Armadyl because he has six wings.
[04:41] I'm supporting Bandos because he's awesome, he's a man of few words and he doesn't muck about like the other gods.
[04:48] He's not some namby pamby bird thing flying around like he's special.
[04:52] Overall I'm expecting the second World Event to be more dynamic, I'm expecting it to be action-packed, I'm expecting it to be more fun.
[05:01] There's a magical festive celebration coming to Gielinor, this Christmas.
[05:04] Unfortunately a Santa hating demon is coming to the party too so things are unlikely to end well.