Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #81 - The Month Ahead - December

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] with Christmas coming to runescape
[00:09] design director mod mark tells what's on
[00:12] RuneScape's festive horizon but not
[00:14] before he introduces us to the impending
[00:16] armadyl and bam das battle and new
[00:18] Slayer creatures the harbingers of tuska
[00:25] these creatures are the first oops that
[00:28] Tusker sending to runescape because
[00:31] there's a god very interested in what
[00:33] goes on in the world of Gyllenhaal there
[00:35] are level 92 slayer creature and it will
[00:38] be well worth fighting them they're
[00:40] dropping the first-ever level 90 mele
[00:43] gloves into the game which we're calling
[00:45] Razorback gauntlets they'll also be
[00:48] dropping some fragments of masks which
[00:50] you'll be able to trade and exchange for
[00:53] combat XP we're also adding an early
[00:55] bird bonus which will mean that those
[00:57] people that are there really early on
[00:58] for the first few weeks after launch
[01:00] will get an extra benefit and extra
[01:02] rewards while you're fighting them we're
[01:06] also releasing world event to to the
[01:08] game in December this is going to be an
[01:10] absolutely massive event going on for
[01:13] six weeks Alma Dillon bandos will be
[01:16] locking horns and talents as they fight
[01:18] each other for the future of Gillan or
[01:20] make sure you're there and pick your
[01:23] side's carefully because this one will
[01:25] end with something vicious we've got
[01:28] lots more information coming up about
[01:30] the world events especially in next
[01:32] week's video so if you want to know more
[01:33] make sure you tune in for that we've got
[01:37] more plan for Christmas this year than
[01:39] ever before with three separate updates
[01:42] for you to get your Christmas teeth into
[01:44] to start with and to warm you up we've
[01:46] got the festive aura this is a really
[01:49] cool or when you activate it you've got
[01:51] a 30 minute fifty percent XP boost to
[01:54] everything that you do we've also got
[01:56] our Christmas season or update which
[01:59] this year is called up to snow good Sam
[02:02] axe pretty annoyed after losing the
[02:04] battle of lumbridge and he really wants
[02:06] to get his revenge on the citizens of
[02:08] runescape and what better way to do that
[02:10] than to
[02:11] ruin Christmas the third Christmas
[02:14] update we're doing in December is called
[02:16] the 15 days of Christmas during those 15
[02:18] days you'll be able to earn yourself
[02:20] unique festive crackers these crackers
[02:24] aren't like the ones before but they do
[02:26] have special rewards inside them one of
[02:29] those Ward's is the ultra rare black
[02:32] Santa hat there's plenty more details
[02:35] about this awesomely exciting Christmas
[02:38] later on in the middle this time last
[02:41] year we introduced the premier package
[02:43] to the game this is a special package of
[02:46] bundles of three six and twelve months
[02:48] of membership with a whole bunch of cool
[02:50] rewards inside access to the premier
[02:52] club won't be open for all that long so
[02:54] if you're interested make sure you get
[02:56] in there quick Christmas is for everyone
[02:58] even for us at jagex and we're planning
[03:01] to do some special Christmasy things in
[03:03] the office over December some of them
[03:06] will be video into so if you'd like to
[03:08] see the Christmas quiz or you'd even
[03:10] like to hear some j mods singing badly
[03:12] some versions of some Christmas carols
[03:15] especially waiting for you then make
[03:17] sure you're watching later on in the
[03:18] month but for now this is mod mark
[03:21] signing out at the end of the behind the
[03:23] scenes for December Merry Christmas
[03:25] Happy New Year to you all and whatever
[03:28] you're doing keep it runescape e roots
[03:30] is out next week behind the scenes dives
[03:34] headfirst into the defining battle
[03:36] between armadillo and bam dos to find
[03:38] out how the second world event came
[03:40] together and which of the two gods the
[03:42] team will be rooting for
[04:07] you