Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #80 - Mod Mark Replies - November

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Mod Mark Replies: November
[00:07] It's Runescape's own version of question time this week,
[00:11] as Paul M takes a bucket brimming with questions from around the world of Gielinor
[00:15] and chucks it directly into Mod Mark's face.
[00:19] I've got a load of questions here for Mod Mark.
[00:22] We've had about a week or so since we've been back from Runefest.
[00:24] That's right.
[00:25] I've got questions here on Barrows, I've got the ninja team updates,
[00:28] I've got a load of general stuff and I've got a little round here,
[00:32] we're going to have a bit of a game this week I've called Runefestions.
[00:35] That sounds good.
[00:36] - We're going to put you against the clock and just ask you a load of Runefest questions.
- Awesome!
[00:40] Because you know we've talked about Runefest quite a lot.
[00:42] - So let's start off the with the Barrows update.
- Sure.
[00:44] Big update, lots of people loved it, people got to play it first at Runefest.
[00:48] Yeah, it was great.
[00:49] How has it gone since its gone live to the main community?
[00:52] It went really well actually. We're really happy with the impact that it's made.
[00:55] We're happy with the difficult level that we've put in.
[00:58] A lot of people were struggling to start with.
[01:02] It was a lot of fun we had a lot of people in the office watching the livestreams,
[01:06] some of the twitching going on, it was great.
[01:08] Some of the language that people used to describe the special attacks was especially amusing.
[01:15] Can you share any of it?
[01:17] No, because most of them were too rude, I'm afraid.
[01:21] Oh my god, wow!
[01:24] Yeah, it was pretty full on.
[01:25] So one of the things that we know is there are a lot of people talking about single player boss experiences
[01:30] and that is something that we want to do in the future.
[01:33] I don't want people to think for a second that all the boss monsters we're going to do
[01:37] are always going to be about cooperative or multiplayer play.
[01:40] We are going to be doing some single player ones as well.
[01:43] So let's move swiftly on to the other big update of the month which was the ninja team updates.
[01:47] We have to do that every time that we talk because they're ninjas.
[01:49] Ok, alright.
[01:50] Question number one is "Are any of them actually ninjas?"
[01:54] Well, I couldn't possibly tell you that because then they would be fail ninjas
[02:00] because if you knew they were a ninja then they wouldn't be doing their job.
[02:03] Ok, so would any of them be able to handle themselves in a fight if push comes to shove?
[02:08] I think they're kind of reactionary ninjas actually.
[02:11] I don't think they're really the aggressive type that would go out looking for trouble.
[02:15] Ninjas is just a phrase to describe a team which can quickly respond to player feedback.
[02:23] Sort of in and out, they do a really small thing, you're not even sure they were there
[02:28] yet they've made some significant changes to the game that everyone can appreciate.
[02:32] Let's focus on some of the updates themselves.
[02:34] Yeah, that'd be good.
[02:35] So the coin share thing what actually is the benefit as far as the economy, what's the purpose of the coin share?
[02:42] So I've got some notes actually on these subjects specifically.
[02:45] So in a nutshell the coin share fix prevents inflation from incorrectly valued drops.
[02:54] Sorry, say that again.
[02:56] Most people would go onto the grand exchange have a look at the prices,
[02:59] mock around with it and try and decide what they want to sell their object for.
[03:02] That never happened with the coinshare system it was kind of injected at a medium price.
[03:07] Because so many items were being injected at a medium price
[03:10] it meant that the system couldn't rebalance itself at the true value for the players.
[03:17] Ok, my head hurts a little now.
[03:19] Yeah, mine too, that's why I had to get some notes.
[03:21] So another question about maybe future ninja team updates.
[03:25] First one is about the Orb of Oculus.
[03:27] Yes.
[03:28] It's not maybe working as well as it could be.
[03:31] We've had a lot of feedback from some of the video makers who came into the office a couple of months ago,
[03:36] we've been trying to make some fixes to it since then.
[03:39] It is something that's on the list and being worked on at the moment.
[03:44] Anything approaching an ETA on that?
[03:46] No, I couldn't tell you that I'm afraid.
[03:49] The friends chat is another thing that's come up quite a lot.
[03:52] A lot of people looking for a revamp on the friends chat. Is that a ninja project?
[03:55] It could be. yes. It's quite a big system, it's quite old,
[03:58] but there are always improvements we can make quickly
[04:01] and if they've got suggestions about things they would like to see on the friends list
[04:05] then just let us know.
[04:07] So let's move on then Edgeville is a question I got yesterday on Twitter from Taylor
[04:11] and he wants to know when is it going to be cleared up?
[04:13] I don't know if he was talking about general rubbish or...
[04:15] No, he's talking about the effect of the Dragonkin on Edgeville
[04:18] and the fact they kind of toasted a whole load of buildings.
[04:20] The only thing I can say is that the people of Lumbridge
[04:25] are a lot more worried about the look of their place than Edgeville are.
[04:30] Right, ok, so moving away from Edgeville then, Farming updates.
[04:33] A question I got yesterday (also from twitter) from Shane
[04:37] asking about if there are any farming updates in the works.
[04:39] We're not working on any farming updates right now.
[04:41] Why not? Tell us why.
[04:44] Well we did some earlier on in the year and there are other things that we want to focus on.
[04:47] Are there any future plans for Hans?
[04:49] - For Hans?
- Hans.
[04:52] Do you mean Hans as in the chap who walks around Lumbridge Castle?
[04:55] Hell yeah!
[04:56] Right, there's always future plans for Hans.
[04:59] I always thought that (when i first started working here) that Hans was the secret king of Falador.
[05:05] That was what I thought. Sadly it's not the case.
[05:08] And what is his real story? Are we going to delve deeper into his mind?
[05:13] I don't think we've decided that yet.
[05:15] Ok, do we want to delve deeper into his mind? It might just be full of wrong stuff.
[05:18] Er no, he's an interesting chap. He's really "Hans on".
[05:26] Definitely cut that bit Alan.
[05:29] You have to 'give yourself a big Hans' for that one.
[05:34] Are there any plans to remove Trouble Brewing at all?
[05:37] And that's a question from Look Ova There.
[05:39] Errr no. So one of the things I was talking about at RuneFest
[05:43] and I've been talking to players about recently is our aims to do some mini game reworks.
[05:48] of the things we want to do next year is get some votes and guaranteed content polls
[05:52] getting the players to decide which of our mini-games they want us to rework and give attention to first.
[05:59] So that's something we're definitely doing next year,
[06:01] and I'm sure Trouble Brewing will be on that list.
[06:05] So you talked a lot about stuff coming in the future in 2014 in RuneScape at RuneFest.
[06:10] What's your personal favourite thing.
[06:13] What's the thing that is getting the Mod Mark juices flowing....
[06:18] That sounds horrible... what are you excited about?
[06:20] So there are lots of things that I talked about that we are already developing.
[06:24] The things that I get most excited about are the things that we haven't started developing yet
[06:29] and certainly "The Church of You" is the thing that's really floating my boat right now.
[06:36] What is it about that that you love so much?
[06:38] It's a different kind of idea.
[06:40] It's a bit like how I felt about Player Owned Ports when I first started talking about that.
[06:44] Something different, something that really allows you to put your stamp on the game world.
[06:53] A complete change of tack now, we're almost ready by the way for "RuneFestions"
[06:57] but one more question. I get a lot of my questions sent to me on Twitter.
[07:02] Good.
[07:03] Why aren't you more active on Twitter?
[07:05] I was talking to Jane about that yesterday.
[07:08] I tend to tweet if I'm sat doing nothing which is very rare.
[07:14] And then you'd be tweeting "sitting around doing nothing LOL".
[07:18] Yeah, exactly, or if I'm on the train or if I'm waiting for a bus, I'll tweet at those occasions.
[07:25] Let's move on to RuneFestions. Let's have RuneFestions. Let's do it!
[07:30] Ok, number one. Rate the Runefests so far in order of preference?
[07:34] First one, third one, second one.
[07:36] How did you come by those massive swords that you were brandishing?
[07:39] An old friend of mine who makes live action roleplay swords made them for me.
[07:42] - Can I have one of them?
- No!
[07:44] What's the weirdest thing anyone said to you at RuneFest?
[07:46] Can I have a lock of your hair please?
[07:47] Oh my god, that is quite scary.
[07:49] What was your favourite session?
[07:51] The 2014 session.
[07:54] Why do you think that MMG has a tank? You obviously got his response in the live stream.
[07:59] I'm sure he regrets saying that and I 'm sure he didn't mean it quite in the way that it came out.
[08:06] I think he was trying to be funny.
[08:07] What was your favourite costume? Note I say favourite, not necessarily best.
[08:11] My favourite costume was the skill cape that someone gave to me.
[08:18] Would this be the sailing cape?
[08:19] It was the sailing skill cape. It made me chuckle a lot.
[08:22] Your favourite RuneFest video that you've seen since the event?
[08:24] The cosplay video.
[08:26] Yep, good.
[08:27] And your best memory of RuneFest?
[08:30] Actually I really liked walking up and down the line.
[08:34] Before the gates opened?
[08:36] Before everyone came in.
[08:37] That was really nice because it gave me an opportunity to chat to some people
[08:40] and it was outside the hustle and bustle of the event.
[08:45] You know, they were in a queue so they were a captive audience and I do like a captive audience.
[08:51] They couldn't go anywhere.
[08:52] What's the first thing at runefest that made you go "yes, i'm at runefest!"?
[08:56] Ummm... when i picked up my swords.
[09:03] Christmas comes early to RuneScape next week
[09:05] as Mod Mark tells us what he's got up his festive sleeve for the month of December, Ho Ho Ho etc.