Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #7 - Carnillean Rising!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] Welcome to RuneScape Behind The Scenes.
This week it's all about Carnillean Rising,
[00:10] a fully-voiced mid-level quest from the creator of Swan Song
[00:14] and My Arm's Big Adventure in which YOU are the quest maker.
[00:18] You may have already encountered the snobby
Carnillean family in the Hazeel Cult Quest,
[00:23] composed of Sir Ceril the arrogant windbag, Lady Henryeta
the snooty madam and Philipe the brat.
[00:29] Philipe's somewhat lacking in the redeeming features department
[00:33] and Sir Ceril wants to turn him into an adventuring hero.
[00:36] That's where you come in.
Sir Ceril's already written the quest story
[00:40] but it's up to you to make all the action happen
[00:42] - that is if you can handle a small boy with daddy issues
and make him do your bidding including wearing a dress!
[00:49] We know you've all spent many a day slaying monsters, fetching items
and clambering over obstacles to save the day
[00:56] but now it's your turn to lure the monsters, build the traps,
paint the bloodstains on the walls and tie up the damsel in distress.
[01:03] Doesn't it all just make you want to rub your hands together
and pull a devilish grin?
[01:07] To start the quest, just have a quick word with Xenia outside
the Carnillean Mansion found in Ardougne.
[01:13] Carnillean Rising requires 33 Thieving, 31 Construction and 50 Quest Points
[01:19] and will include additional rewards beyond the end of the quest
for players with decent combat skills and lots of quest points.
[01:25] You'll also get your hands on a treasure chest you can fill with
booty and bury in certain areas for your friends to find!
[01:31] You can play at being the puppet master yourself when
Carnillean Rising comes to RuneScape on July 3rd.
[01:37] That's all for Behind The Scenes this week.
[01:39] Don't forget to subscribe and do join us next week where
we'll be bringing you details on the Gielinor Games.