Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #79 - Community Features!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Community Features
[00:07] Changes to coin share, the friends list and the D and D tracker
[00:11] are just a few of the many community suggested improvements making it into Runescape.
[00:15] This week Behind the Scenes meets the team charged with choosing those tweaks
[00:19] and gives us a few tips on how to get your suggestions into the game.
[00:24] The Ninja batches are a collection of small updates aimed at improving the player experience
[00:29] and we look to get these suggestions directly from the players themselves.
[00:32] We have been working on a themed social update for such things as friends lists and coin share.
[00:39] So coin shares been updated.
[00:40] At the moment the object gets placed in the Grand Exchange
[00:44] and the players get a percentage of the coins from the Grand Exchange.
[00:47] This is being scrapped in replace for shards.
[00:50] So the players will get a percentage of the shards,
[00:52] which they'll be able to trade and then combine to create the actual object itself.
[00:56] The friends note update is rather small but it does have a big impact.
[01:00] You can add notes to your friends or the people on your ignore list,
[01:03] and it's as simple as right clicking and adding a note.
[01:06] So besides coin share and friends lists we've done about 20 other changes in a very social themed update.
[01:12] They include things like an adventure's log update, a trade and assists window.
[01:17] A popular one amongst our players is the ability to hide the torso, legs, boots and gloves,
[01:24] as currently you can only hide the helmet and cape via the customization window.
[01:28] One of my favorites is the addition of loot beams which will highlight the rare drops on the floor.
[01:32] You can see all the other updates in the patch notes.
[01:36] So recently we've been to Runefest and we've got a lot of new suggestions from players
[01:40] which we'll probably be implementing over the coming months.
[01:43] Once we've collated a bunch of ideas we sit down and decide which ones should be put into the game as a priority,
[01:47] often dependending on which ones have been suggested the most.
[01:50] Players always have tons of feedback they wish to give us, the best place to put it is on the forums.
[01:56] As there are a lot of suggestions coming from players we're happy for them to post on our dedicated thread,
[02:00] which we'll keep on top of and keep up to date.
[02:02] So we hope to do more batches very similar to this update
[02:06] but at first we want to try and get a sentiment of what the players think of these,
[02:11] so all feedback is always welcome.
[02:14] It's questions round up time again next week
[02:16] as Paul M and Mod Mark answer community questions collected from the last month.