Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #78 - Rise of The Six

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Rise of the Six
[00:07] This week Behind the Scenes comes from the gamesroom at Runefest to talk Barrows Brothers with Chris L
[00:13] and meet some of the players checking out the content for the first time.
[00:18] The Barrows Brothers are 6 guys from the past, powerful warriors.
[00:21] There's a great story on the website called 'Barrows: Fall of the Six', if you want to read up on that.
[00:25] This is the modernization of that Sliske made these guys and he's supped up their power and they're back with a vengeance.
[00:35] The update is a combat update it's focused at the higher end of the combat levels.
[00:40] It's a brand new encounter underneath the barrows.
[00:42] There's a well just North of the Barrows minigame the original one.
[00:45] If you run the original content you can get a token that allows you access.
[00:49] and when you jump in there with your team of 4 players, check out the new mechanics and see what you think.
[00:53] The fight has evolving combat to a degree like Vorago did, but rather than changing every week these guys change every day.
[00:59] The fight is split into 2 sides so you need 2 kind of sub teams of your group, and then what sides the brothers are on each day varies.
[01:06] Right now the players are throwing themselves at the content, they've been at it for the last 4 of 5 hours now, just checking it all out,
[01:13] giving us a bit of feedback and smoothing it out for the release.
[01:17] I always like it when Jmods rework old content and this is one of the best ones I think yet.
[01:23] It blew my mind it was so strategy based I love a team event.
[01:27] It's a really big way to bring the PvM community together.
[01:30] What's really cool about this update is it's a really hard fight, but for a smaller team.
[01:35] You don't have to have a big team which with previous bosses I've found it's been quite difficult to get people together sometimes.
[01:40] No one's beaten the update so far they've tried their hardest and they're getting better every go.
[01:44] They're learning the tactics, taking it in, reacting, and they're getting further. I hope we see a kill before the end of the day, but no guarantees.
[01:52] I took so much damage I didn't even begin to understand how it works,
[01:56] so I guess I'll have the time to look at that when it comes out.
[02:00] I managed to get my own clan on it actually, we managed to get 4 people and we got our ass kicked.
[02:05] It didn't really end well we got killed within 2 minutes.
[02:08] They just powered up and I got destroyed and died pretty much straight away, didn't have a chance.
[02:14] Special attacks got me and I was done within seconds.
[02:18] After a few tries we haven't managed to get any kills
[02:21] and so I think it's going to be worthwhile to put some time into this once it gets released.
[02:26] I managed to get almost a kill but the other mods in my team weren't up for the challenge.
[02:33] Brand new rewards level 90 to fill out the power armour gap.
[02:37] We've had tectonic, we've had Sirenic, and now we're introducing malevolent, which is the melee power gear: head, body and legs.
[02:42] To compliment this we've got 3 shields, 1 for each class.
[02:45] They don't degrade to dust so they're sort of like an upgrade to the Dungeoneering shields.
[02:49] As a little side thing we've got some brand new pets, there's 6 of the little guys and they're awesome.
[02:54] My number 1 tip is to work well together this requires 4 really competent people to do it, you can't carry people in this group.
[03:00] So throw yourselves at it, work together there's a few attacks that require quite good coordination and good luck really.
[03:09] In the year of the player, community suggested content and tweaks have been getting more focused than ever.
[03:14] Next week Behind the Scenes looks into how the team choose which suggestions make it into the world of Gielinor.