Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #77 - The Month Ahead - November

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
The Month Ahead - November
[00:08] This week Mod Mark tells Behind the Scenes what's coming up in RuneScape throughout the month of November.
[00:14] The first thing I'd like to talk about is the D&D tracker.
[00:17] It's easy to forget about all the cool things you can do in RuneScape.
[00:21] So this month we're going to bring you a tracker which will allow you to keep track - funnily enough -
[00:26] of all those little things you can do all over the world map.
[00:29] Also we're going to give you special replay tokens for the first few days of launch
[00:34] so make sure you logging in every day to pick up your extra reward.
[00:38] We've also been talking to you about coin share recently.
[00:41] It can be quite frustrating when items are added immediately onto the grand exchange
[00:45] and that can cause some problems with the economy.
[00:48] So we decided to make some changes to how coin share works with some of the higher value items in the game.
[00:54] Another thing that you've been talking about is being able to add little notes to the friends on your friends list.
[01:00] A small idea, I know, but it's something you've been asking for so we're keen to give it to you.
[01:05] We're also making some well needed updates to the map itself.
[01:10] It's going to be faster, slicker and easier to use.
[01:13] You won't spend so much time looking at loading bars
[01:16] and we're even adding a few new features to make it even better than before.
[01:21] For those of you that aren't going to Runefest this year it's a great shame
[01:25] but don't worry we're doing some extra special things with the Rebuildathon that's going on in Lumbridge,
[01:30] so make sure you login on Saturday.
[01:33] Our biggest update this month is a fantastic addition to the Barrows lore.
[01:38] It's actually much more than just storyline it's a huge new boss battle
[01:42] which takes the Barrows Brothers and puts them in a whole new light.
[01:47] Don't just think that this is a rework, it's a massive addition to the way that the Barrows Brothers work in the game.
[01:53] Sliske has obviously been really power hungry recently
[01:58] and has had all kinds of new shadow magics that he can dabble around with.
[02:01] So we've been interested in beefing up the Barrows Brothers to make them the ultimate force in combat on RuneScape.
[02:07] You'll be able to team up with 3 of your friends to challenge them head on.
[02:12] For those people who are brave, lucky or skilled enough to be able to defeat the Barrows Brothers
[02:17] they'll be able to gain new rewards.
[02:20] These rewards include level 90 melee armour, some brand new level 90 shields and even a bunch of Barrows pets.
[02:28] The Barrows Brothers is going to be a fantastic update this month,
[02:32] and next week we're going to be looking at it in even more detail.
[02:36] But for now this is Mod Mark signing off, running off to London for RuneFest.
[02:41] Hope to see you all there.
[02:44] And we'll be diving into the Barrows Brothers update on next week's Behind the Scenes.