Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #76 - Mod Mark Replies -- October

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Mod Mark Replies - October
[00:07] October's been a busy month for Runescape and, as ever, the community's been buzzing with comments and questions throughout.
[00:14] Mod Mark scoured the forums so that, this week, he can shed some light on the things that you want to know about the new quest the new armour and, of course, the impending Lumbridge Rebuildathon.
[00:25] Ok, then so let's start off with some Missing Presumed Death questions.
[00:28] Sure.
[00:29] What race is Death?
[00:30] Well it's interesting this answer actually, I wasn't sure myself at first so I had a bit of a chat with Olly and Dave and it seems that Death is human.
[00:39] Death is, in fact, the first person or first thing ever to die on Gielinor and became Death in the process.
[00:47] How long did it take to make the quest from start to finish from the moment that you sat in a room and said "OK, let's make Missing Presumed Death" to here it is?
[00:55] Well, from the point that we handed the core aims to Olly to actually releasing it was about 5 months. So in total Olly put about 450 man hours into the project.
[01:10] The project involved working with between 1 and 20 other people for the period of months 5, and that tended to vary depending on what point we were in.
[01:20] In the beginning it tends to be just 1 or 2 people working on the design of the project
[01:26] then once we've got graphics and testing going on there's easily 20 or even more people involved with the project then.
[01:33] So, just Olly on his own 450 hours, but in total would have been many many thousands.
[01:40] - So let's move onto the Ranged armour.
-Yeah, ok.
[01:43] So this was a completely different looking armour.
[01:44] Yes.
[01:45] At the start of the month you mentioned how it was going to be armour made of the skin of a beast that's yet to be introduced to Runescape.
[01:52] That's right.
[01:53] Ok, so Martin didn't actually tell us very much about that in the Behind the Scenes from last week so can you fill in the gaps a little bit.
[01:58] Err... no I can't.
[02:00] Oh, really?
[02:00] No, sorry.
[02:02] Ok, in that case then can you tell us if there's any lore related to the armour?
[02:05] It'd be nice to do a little more back story particularly involving the ascension dungeon and... Oscellius? I can't remember his name, that's terrible.
[02:15] The big guy outside the front of the ascension dungeon, there's a lot more back story I'd like to do with him particularly.
[02:21] Ok, so you can save yourself by telling us whether it's going to be degradable armour.
[02:26] It will be, yeah. It'll function in the same way as the level 90 mage equipment.
[02:31] Ok, cool. Alright, then, let's move swiftly on to the rebuildathon.
[02:35] So this is replacing perhaps a more traditional Halloween event that we've seen in the past?
[02:40] Yes, that's right.
[02:41] - You said you wanted to do something maybe a little bit different.
- Yeah.
[02:44] Is that going to be a theme we can see in the future with other holiday content or is this a bit of a one off?
[02:49] It depends, really. I guess I want our holiday celebrations to be more Runescapey.
[02:54] I just think we've got such a rich world inside Gielinor that it's often a shame to do too much that's real world related.
[03:03] So I'm really looking to have a nice mix of the 2 rather than do something typically easterie or typically halloweenie.
[03:10] - So another update that happened this month that we didn't talk about at the start of the month was the prestige system.
- Yes!
[03:17] - So currently theres a poll going on...
- That's right.
[03:19] see if people really want to see it. What was the thinking behind doing a poll?
[03:21] Well, basically we really wanted to get the feedback from the players.
[03:25] We have thought for a while that we really wanted to come up with new aspirational content.
[03:30] The current idea, the prestige idea, was really a different way of kind of realizing bigger longer term more aspirational goals
[03:39] and obviously that was just one version that players didn't particularly like.
[03:44] Ok.
[03:45] And there's all kinds of good reasons.
[03:46] We're getting some fantastic feedback and that's really why we've done it not only to run the vote but to get players talking
[03:53] and get players thinking and give us ideas of, ok, if that's not what you do want what is it that you like.
[03:58] We've had loads of feedback about, well, "I kind of like the prestige system but not for these reasons".
[04:04] I'm always looking to make changes to the game for the right reasons and with the support of the players so that's really why we did it.
[04:12] We definitely want to run more polls. I'm already talking to the teams about how we can run more polls about the content that we want to do next year.
[04:20] I would be 100% sure that we'll see more polls like this in the future.
[04:25] So we've got a little bit of time left shall we have a few more general questions,
[04:28] because obviously people want to know more than just what's been going on in October, they want to know everything.
[04:34] Alright.
[04:34] Ok, so is the next Battle of Lumbridge going to be as a bloody and stabby as the Zammy amd Sara one?
[04:39] There isn't going to be another Battle of Lumbridge, but there will be another world event, and it will be a lot more brutal.
[04:48] When do you think we might get to see the first glimmers of what's coming?
[04:51] Well, we're intending to have some playable versions of some of the content at Runefest.
[04:58] Wow! That was a totally unplanned plug by the way but yeah fair enough, cool.
[05:02] The dwarf quest competition obviously got the community really heavily involved in actually contributing to that content and determining how it turned out in the end.
[05:11] Yeah.
[05:11] Is there more stuff like that planned?
[05:13] Lots more, that was really kind if a guinea pig test for us to see how much players wanted to get involved and what influences we could get from the players.
[05:24] We did all kind of things we got them into the office, we did loads of different competitions, like you said, and I want to do a lot more of it.
[05:31] There's a real appetite like you said for the players to get more involved with the development of our content and we want to do a lot more of it.
[05:38] Ok, so I've got a question here from Fannygirdle...
[05:45] Thanks.
[05:47] They would like to know: "Can you ask him about the plans for the post Birthright of the Dwarves content that Mod John A has talked about planned for October?"
[05:54] Yes, John's been woking on it this week and we'll be adding it to the game shortly.
[05:57] Ok. Are there any Player Owned Ports updates coming soon?
[06:01] There is indeed and I'll be talking more about that at Runefest.
[06:05] Ok, and here's a good one that got a lot of favor on Twitter, which was: "Did Sliske actually find the stone of Jas or was this just part of his manipulative tactics against the gods?"
[06:15] Well, that's a very good question.
[06:17] Look: "Oh, that's a really good one. I hope to hear this one answered."
[06:20] You'll have to wait and see.
[06:22] Oh no, ok.
[06:26] November's just around the corner and so next week Mark's back to give Behind the Scenes a heads up on what's coming over the next month.