Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #74 - Missing, Presumed Death

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind The Scenes
Missing, Presumed Death
[00:08] October's big quest is "Missing Presumed Death".
[00:11] Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod Ollie to talk about this upcoming undead murder mystery.
[00:18] Missing Presumed death is a 6th age quest which means quests in the past,
[00:20] such as, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and the World Wakes all add up to this point.
[00:24] It also means that the choices the player has made in that content will have an impact on this one
[00:28] creating a tailored experience for each player.
[00:30] As the title suggests, Death's gone missing.
[00:32] We don't know if he's gone on holiday,
[00:34] or maybe been kidnapped or maybe just abandoned his job.
[00:38] But basically the player finds out that people's souls are still trapped in their bodies when they're dead
[00:42] and they have to solve this mystery by going through a series of murders and finding out who the killer is.
[00:46] I guess I'm a big fan of thrillers that have big twists in the end of them
[00:51] so I really wanted to incorporate something that would shock the players.
[00:54] I also looked at a lot of things like films where there's a lot of interaction with the Gods.
[00:59] So for example, one of the films that I was looking at is Clash of the Titans because there's a....
[01:05] I'm going to spoil it if I say that!
[01:07] The starring characters in this quest are obviously the player, and then you've got a host of old and new characters.
[01:11] Some of the new characters include a Saradominist monk who's the sole survivor of a brutal killing, he's called Brother Samwell.
[01:18] And you've got a few other characters who the players are already familiar with
[01:22] who are Death and also the god the of the underworld who's Icthlarin.
[01:25] It's such a big quest with so many powerful characters that it's really going to have an impact on the whole meta story of RuneScape.
[01:30] Death for instance is missing and that's going to change things all across Gilienor.
[01:33] There's such a big twist and so much is going to happen that it's really going to help shape the future of RuneScape.
[01:38] This quest is absolutely jam packed full of stuff for the players.
[01:40] So there's a really deep and gripping story line, there's loads of characters and lore to explore
[01:44] and there's new unseen environments that are really beautiful.
[01:47] Something I spent a lot of time on is creating the voices for important characters such as the Gods.
[01:51] Players have wanted to hear them for such a long time and they've always imagined the voices in their heads
[01:55] but now they're going to get to hear them for real.
[01:57] So I spent a lot of time working with audio to really get that right.
[02:00] Sometimes you'll have a really clear idea of how you want a character to sound like - Saradomin, for example.
[02:05] But then other characters, you go in there and just have to trust that the actor's going to deliver.
[02:10] You just know when it comes out of the speakers that what they're doing is that character and it just grows into a life of its own.
[02:16] That's happened quite a few times with characters that have delivered me a performance that's been brilliant.
[02:22] We take the voices back, process them and try them out in the game.
[02:27] And on the very rare occasion, we'll go and start again.
[02:31] To make sure there are rewards that both high level and low players will be interested in I've separated the two.
[02:36] So there are some rewards that all players will be able to access and these include
[02:40] a piece of head gear, two new death animations, a book.
[02:44] And also there's post quest rewards for high level players
[02:47] and these include things such as tokens to skip Barrow's Brothers
[02:51] and also the ability to revisit some of the lore that happened in the quest.
[02:54] Right now we're in the final sprint so that means I'm putting in the final touches,
[02:58] ironing out all the bugs and also putting in all the audio.
[03:01] So I'm really excited to see how the players enjoy the quest.
[03:03] Everyone should play Missing Presumed Death because it's a really big quest with tons of exciting lore
[03:07] and a massive twist that I don't think anyone's going to be expecting.
[03:11] Next week, Behind the Scenes takes a deeper look into the latest content hitting the shores of Gilienor.