Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #73 - The month ahead -- October

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
The Month Ahead - October
[00:07] In this week's behind the Scenes Mod Mark gives us an insight
[00:11] into what content we have to look forward to throughout October.
[00:15] For a long time now I've been writing a Behind the Scenes article every single month.
[00:20] We've decided that we're going to put it on video to give me the chance to go into a little more detail
[00:25] about the awesome content that we've got coming out each month,
[00:28] and this month it's the October content.
[00:31] The first thing I want to talk about is the Sirenic level 90 ranger armour
[00:35] that we're going to be adding later on this month.
[00:38] We really wanted to come up with something gorgeous, something tactile,
[00:41] something that looks like it was made from the hide of creatures.
[00:44] The drops will be added to a range of slayer creatures
[00:46] and you'll need really high crafting levels to be able to make the equipment fully.
[00:51] The next thing I want to talk to you about is the rebuildathon that will be going on in Lumbridge this month.
[00:57] It's a new version of our holiday events.
[01:00] We didn't want to do just another Halloween,
[01:03] we didn't want to reach the point where we're scrapping he barrel when it comes to generating ideas,
[01:07] so we decided to do something a little different.
[01:10] You'll be working with a geezer called Foreman George who's an interesting chap,
[01:15] you'll have to grill him for information to work out how best to take apart the war camps that have been set up next to Lumbridge
[01:23] and use the materials to rebuild Lumbridge itself.
[01:26] We've got 2 cracking new trees coming out in October as well.
[01:30] We're got Elder trees and crystal trees.
[01:33] You'll be able to make new bows, you'll be able to burn the logs for awesome fire-making experience,
[01:38] and chopping down those trees will be the best woodcutting rates available in the game.
[01:42] These new trees work slightly differently to the rest of the trees in the game,
[01:46] so you'll have to work together to get the best rewards from them.
[01:49] I challenge you to find all the secret messages the developers have hidden
[01:54] in the new tree content we're releasing.
[01:56] Post on the forums and let me know what you've found.
[01:59] We've had a lot of feedback from the players on the forums
[02:01] that the dark bow really wasn't quite good enough, so we've decided to increase its level
[02:06] and add some absolutely brand new shiny arrow drops to the dark beasts themselves.
[02:11] Finally this month, and perhaps the most exciting thing we're releasing,
[02:16] is a new quest called Missing, Presumed Death.
[02:20] A lot of developers and myself are deeply interested in Egyptian mythology
[02:26] and the passage that souls take as they go through the afterlife.
[02:29] This quest touches on some of those ideas.
[02:33] There's one more thing I wanted to talk to you about
[02:35] and that's 2 new shiny outfits we've got coming into the game.
[02:39] We challenged the graphics artists to come up with some really wacky ideas
[02:43] and they've come up with a crazy skeleton outfit and a mad Gothic outfit
[02:47] that'll be available on Solomons store later this month.
[02:50] Next week Mod Olly will be here to talk a little more about Missing, Presumed Death.
[02:55] I'll be back at the end of the month to field any of your questions you've had whilst playing through this month's content.
[03:01] See ya!
[03:03] And you can see Missing, Presumed Death in action next week.