Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #71 - Birthright of the Dwarves

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Birthright of the Dwarves
[00:08] Way back in April Behind the Scenes introduced 3 stories lines
[00:11] and asked the viewers to vote one which one should be introduced into Runescape.
[00:15] Less than 6 months later the winning quest is complete.
[00:18] And that quest is...
[00:22] Birthright of the Dwarves is the last quest in the five part quest series that began with the giant dwarf.
[00:27] We know that players expect grandmaster quests to be longer and more difficult
[00:30] and more epic than other quests and we're giving them that with this one.
[00:33] In this quest you're taking the fight to the Red Axe.
[00:36] In the last 4 quests you're reacting to what the villains are doing.
[00:39] This quest starts with Veldaban asking for your help in a preemptive strike,
[00:43] so you're investigating what they're planning across the world and then you're joining an army and assaulting their base.
[00:48] This is the first grandmaster quest I've written and it's the longest quest I've written.
[00:53] This is the first quest where we've incorporated winning entries from a competition into the quest.
[00:58] They were the Chaos Druid Leader character and the player designed monster.
[01:02] Well the great thing about opening this up to the players is that they really went for a different approach,
[01:06] they went for stuff that we wouldn't normally try.
[01:09] We'd normally shy away from for technical reasons
[01:13] or we just wouldn't come up with some of the crazy ideas that they would throw in.
[01:17] There was also the lava flow mine D&D that was designed by visiting players in a brainstorming meeting.
[01:23] Picking the final winner for the player design competition was really tricky.
[01:26] We sat in a boardroom with all the key creative's on a massive projector screen
[01:30] and went through the initial hundreds of concept art we had in.
[01:33] We whittle it down to the top kind of five and we ended up voting on our favorite one of those five.
[01:38] And we came around eventually to the Chaos Druid and the Chaos Giant.
[01:42] Once the characters had been chosen we moved across to our character art department
[01:45] and we started working up the concept art to the final stage.
[01:49] And we found that at one point we were over working it and we'd lost the initial feel of that character art,
[01:54] so we took a step back and moved proportions around a little bit, did a little bit of polishing work and we had the final concept art.
[02:01] We've already seen a few redesigned dwarves in content that's been released.
[02:05] With this quest we're rolling that out to all dwarves in the game whether they're involved in this quest or not.
[02:10] Deciding on a new look for the dwarves was actually really tricky.
[02:13] We ended up producing over 70 pieces of unique artwork to try and nail down how we wanted them to look.
[02:19] We wanted to move away from the small kind of human look and make them more traditional kind of dwarf short, fat jolly kinda dwarves.
[02:28] We're really working on the characterization of the faces and trying to give each dwarf a unique look.
[02:34] I love the new dwarf graphics.
[02:37] They don't just look like short humans anymore they're properly stocky they're a different shape.
[02:42] They have the heaviness I feel dwarves ought to have.
[02:47] It was a very huge project we've been working on it for 2 or 3 months I think.
[02:52] We have created many models for this update,
[02:56] and we have I think about 350 models added to the existing content.
[03:01] You can expect plenty of updates in the future unfortunately I can't talk about any specifics,
[03:07] but the whole teams working hard on updating and reworking NPCs and adding new content to the game.
[03:14] The rewards from this quest include a whole lot of XP,
[03:17] three new dragon weapons that you can buy after the quest,
[03:21] you can fight the new monster that players designed.
[03:23] There's a new lava flow mine D&D that will give you a new pickaxe that will automatically incinerate ore as you mine it.
[03:31] This quest wraps up a quest series that's been going on in the game for several years.
[03:35] The way it wraps it up depends quite heavily on some choices the player can make at the end of the quest,
[03:40] and whatever choice you make at the end of the quest you get some cool rewards.
[03:45] Zamorakians and Saradomanists have been waging war on each other for months.
[03:50] Next week Behind the Scenes looks to see if there's light at the end of the tunnel for the residents of Lumbridge.