Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #70 - Changes to come

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Behind Behind the Scenes
[00:07] This week on behind the scenes, we go behind the scenes to see the team behind, behind the scenes... nailed it!
[00:17] The idea behind BTS has always been to give the community a heads on the latest content coming into game.
[00:21] We've been putting out previews to the updates for over a year now and the feedback from you guys has made all the work worthwhile.
[00:27] But we think we can do better.
[00:29] Starting in October, we're going to try and new approach to Behind the Scenes which is going to give you even more information than ever before.
[00:34] We want to give you the news about updates coming into the game,
[00:37] we want to give you a true look behind the scenes so you can learn even more about its development
[00:42] and finally, we're going to give you a Q&A where you can ask questions, you want to know answers to.
[00:47] So the month will start with a video version of Mod Mark's monthly behind the scenes news post.
[00:52] It'll add to rather than replace the existing news post that'll give you a much deeper insight into the content that you can look forward to in the month ahead.
[00:58] We'll follow that up with BTS videos that delve deeper into the production of RuneScape's major updates.
[01:03] Of course, we're going to preview the content just like we always did,
[01:06] but we want to show you more about how these updates are actually made and introduce you to the people that make them.
[01:11] And then towards the end of the month, we'll get together with the content developers to talk feedback and your comments in a regular monthly Q&A.
[01:18] The videos we make are for you, so it's really important that we make the videos that you want to watch.
[01:23] The change we're making to Behind the Scenes is a bit of a test
[01:26] so we'll be listening and looking for your feedback more than ever to make sure we're making the videos that you want to see.
[01:33] And the new BTS begins in October. Next week, little people, big quest, it's "the birthright of the dwarves".