Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #6 - Fingers, fighting, and a special reveal!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the scenes
The Evolution of Combat - Big reveal
[00:05] Hey guys! Mod Chris L & Mod Hunter here for the last in the combat videos.
[00:09] Thanks for watching so far - hope you've enjoyed it.
[00:11] This is just the start of things to come - we're really going to blow the lid off this today!
[00:17] So to start, if you look at your character, you'll immediately see
[00:20] you've actually got fingers which we've never had!
[00:23] It sounds so simple, but they've just never been in the game.
[00:26] We're just going to go over the graphics to start in this video -
[00:29] we'll build you up nice and slow until we get to a nice big reveal.
[00:33] You might have seen this in other videos, but this is just to confirm the way weapons will work.
[00:37] You hold them differently - it's what we call the casual stance - so it's a bit more chilled-out.
[00:42] Gently holding it there. You can see bows are now on the left hand (sorry, lefties!),
[00:47] but apparently that's where it's meant to be!
[00:51] Yeah, we've also got the sheathing positions, so that's your own choice.
[00:54] You don't have to have it sheathed, if you want to keep it out, you can do.
[00:57] It's a button on your keyboard - which is the * on your numpads
[01:01] to switch it back and forwards whenever you choose to.
[01:04] Obviously, when you go into combat it will be drawn for you
[01:07] there's no punching with weapons on your back I'm afraid!
[01:10] I know our graphics team hated the way you used to talk to shopkeepers with swords pointing at their chests!
[01:23] And here we go into the combat stance, which you've seen in other videos,
[01:25] but you'll see how it changes in combat.
[01:27] So you'll see you're much more alert, so it looks like you can actually defend yourself
[01:32] and not just be like, "Oh! I'm taking a hit!"
[01:34] When you switch weapons you also switch immediately into that stance,
[01:38] so there's no wielding a Dragon Spear like it's a bow -
[01:42] it will just switch to the actual spear wielding.
[01:46] Yeah and the same again for the sword there.
[01:48] The graphics guys wanted to make it so that smaller weapons look lighter -
[01:53] they look like you can swing fast with them
[01:55] When you look here at the Dragon 2-Hander, it's got a slow, heavy swing,
[01:59] and you can see and feel that weight hopefully when you play with that sort of weapon.
[02:03] You'll definitely see the weight of it in the damage that it does.
[02:07] Alright! And then we go back to punching him in the face. Which brings us to...
[02:12] our reveal.
[02:14] "Dramatic pause..." (!)
[02:17] Extra dramatic pause!
[02:18] So, what's cooler than everything we've shown you so far?
[02:24] DOING IT...
[02:25] TWICE.
[02:26] So, we have bought dual-wielding to RuneScape.
[02:29] As you can see here, he's sheathing and un-sheathing two Dragon Scimitars.
[02:34] So we now have the ability to go "full-on" damage, which is having two weapons at the same time.
[02:40] So you sacrifice the shield slot (which is what we'll be talking about in a short amount of time),
[02:44] but you go "full offence", losing a bit of armour value but you gain dual-wielding and dual-wielding abilities.
[02:53] Yeah, dual-wielding abilities are one of the only restrictions we've managed to avoid revealing so far.
[02:58] In all of the tool-tips we've been really careful not to show it off too early
[03:02] and I'm quite surprised we actually managed it!
[03:04] There you go - you just saw a crazy ability which is a very fast dual-wielder.
[03:08] It spins the weapons around and does really good damage across time.
[03:11] It might look crazily overpowered but have to remember that this is at the sacrifice of armour,
[03:15] so someone with a shield or a heavy defence opponent will still be very challenging to hit.
[03:21] And they'll use their own array of abilities, which we'll touch on in a short time.
[03:24] Yes, we'll show you some of the powers that a shield has towards the end of the video.
[03:28] This is the Excalibur - which has had its special attack removed
[03:34] but it is now used as the off-hand version of the whip, which is the same power as the whip.
[03:38] Yeah, unfortunately we couldn't give you two whips, guys
[03:40] it's a technical limitation with how animated the whip can be in the left hand
[03:44] There's that ability again
[03:46] a massive dual-wielding ability over time.
[03:51] I think it's one of the better attacks that dual-wielders have,
[03:53] but many of the dual-wielding attacks are just pretty awesome!
[03:57] And you also have dual-wielding "ultimates" as well,
[03:59] so you've got a different amount of ultimates you can pick from, and some are dual-wield specific.
[04:03] We've not left Ranged or Magic out, so here's Ranged dual-wielding some crossbows
[04:08] which we can show are both sheathed to the player character
[04:13] and we can have a pretty awesome stance when they go into combat.
[04:16] I think that's one of the favourites within the office as well.
[04:19] Yeah! It's definitely one of the favourites
[04:20] everyone always talks about how cool this looks.
[04:21] As you can see, he's almost chilled-out, just sitting back,
[04:24] taking turns popping left and right on the crossbows there.
[04:28] And again, Ranged has dual-wielding specific animations and abilities.
[04:32] That ability there - a snipe - just holding a crossbow out to take a closer shot to do a lot more damage.
[04:37] I think I use an ultimate one for dual-wielding in a second, and there's an AoE one.
[04:43] Here it comes - the adrenaline bar is building up there and it's glowing, so I used a crazy-damage one.
[04:48] Here we go - he's just gun-slinging and if the target doesn't move, they die, basically!
[04:53] So in PvP you'll have to keep a keen eye out for that one.
[04:55] But if you move you can avoid the damage
[04:58] so whilst it is powerful, if you're paying attention you can get away from it.
[05:02] Yes, you can make them waste their ultimate if you're clever.
[05:04] Ok, so we've moved on - we're still doing Ranged
[05:07] but here you can do dual throwing weapons as well.
[05:09] This is me with two knives, speedily throwing them
[05:12] again, animating in full - and I've even switched to a crossbow.
[05:15] So I shoot with the right, throw with the left.
[05:17] And that will still let you use dual-wielding Ranged abilities because we know they're both Ranged weapons.
[05:22] There's a snipe again.
[05:26] I just like the look of that ability, really!
[05:29] I think there's a few that have become firm favourites.
[05:32] We're also adding in new shields for Ranged and Magic as well.
[05:37] Shields will carry quite a hefty chunk of both the defensive and Lifepoint boost.
[05:44] And here's Magic with the two-handed staff,
[05:47] which you will recognise in the live game as a one-handed Staff of Light,
[05:51] but all staves are now two-handed as they're the Magic equivalent of a 2-Handed sword
[05:55] and will deal more damage with their spells.
[05:57] So any runes you use will mean you get more damage out of them.
[06:01] Exactly. Two-handed weapons like Dragon 2-Handers are slower,
[06:06] but they give you 150% damage output.
[06:08] So you sacrifice the speed for the damage.
[06:11] And again, like Mod Hunter just touched on, staves are that for magic.
[06:15] So they look awesome because he shoots it out of the staff,
[06:19] but they do more damage at the expense of speed.
[06:21] And obviously you can still use the abilities with them.
[06:23] Here we go - I think you've seen our favourite thing of turning into a fire-guy,
[06:28] but as I'm casting water, let's see what happens this time!
[06:32] So the elemental you transform into depends on whichever type you're using.
[06:39] This is now dual-wielded Magic.
[06:42] It doesn't work in the same way - you'll see you've got an orb in your off-hand and a wand in your main hand.
[06:47] This means your casting speed is halved - it's also with books in the off-hand.
[06:51] Alright, we've now moved on to being a bit crazy.
[06:56] So obviously, RuneScape isn't class-limited, so dual-wielding isn't limited.
[06:59] I've got here a whip in my main hand and a ranged weapon in my off-hand,
[07:03] so I'm actually meleeing him and ranging him.
[07:06] This guy we've been wailing on for weeks is weak against everything,
[07:10] so you'd have to be careful if you were doing this against a live target.
[07:13] Yeah, it's also definitely worth mentioning that
[07:15] you have to take
what's in your main hand into account
[07:17] when it comes to abilities. You can't use Ranged abilities
[07:20] when you've got a Ranged off-hand and a melee main hand weapon.
[07:26] To end we'd just like to say "thank you" for tuning in and watching
[07:30] and we really thank you for all of your support and for applying for the Beta!
[07:33] We'll be doing a "Devs" vs you guys to see how it all plays out on the Beta servers
[07:37] next week, if you can believe it!
[07:39] And to celebrate, me and Mod Hunter kicked it off with our first fight...
[07:44] Yes, we're now about to show you some PvP
[07:46] with Mod Chris L using the shield abilities
[07:48] which got really annoying when I was so close to getting that final move!
[07:52] So here Mod Hunter has gone with a Mage approach
[07:55] so he has a combat triangle advantage,
[07:56] so I've gone with defence because wearing melee isn't great against fighting a Mage.
[08:02] Here we go - he's casting Fire Wave
[08:08] and I'm trying to be very clever about how I fight here
[08:10] because I'm using abilities that lower my damage that's taken
[08:13] so his damage output is less against me.
[08:15] He's trying to Bind me I think, but
[08:16] I use an ability that frees me from Binds
[08:20] And there we go - yeah, run away!
[08:22] Then I charge back to try and stun him.
[08:24] I tried to use a choke attack which would also stun him whilst doing damage
[08:28] but he managed to get the Charge in just before.
[08:30] I would have been stuck on the spot, but I used my ability to quickly get me over to him.
[08:34] As you can see, we're hitting ultimate levels now
[08:37] so the fight's been going on a little while already and now it's time to think about what we can do.
[08:41] As you can see, the bars above our heads are full
[08:42] and Mod Hunter has gone to Metamorphosis
[08:44] so he's going to be doing much more damage output with those spells.
[08:47] So I need to think about being clever
[08:49] and I'm using my shield to reflect some damage
[08:51] which is an awesome ability that I love!
[08:53] It's one that's only limited to shields as well.
[08:57] And there Chris has just used Heroism
[08:59] which is one of the defensive ultimate abilities which you'll see the effect of shortly.
[09:05] I thought I was going to die, so I used this one
[09:06] and you can see on the side-panel there that it's running on me.
[09:08] He nearly had me on the ropes there and was about to kill me
[09:12] so I used that ability.
[09:13] There was no damage output, but it put an effect on me...
[09:15] here it goes...
[09:16] didn't kill me!
[09:17] I thought I was about to die
[09:19] so I used an ultimate defence which has no damage output but it saves my life
[09:24] if I'm about to die in the very near future.
[09:25] I think it does reduce the damage to you a bit, doesn't it?
[09:29] Yes, it's a very defensive ability so you sacrifice all of that ability gain and adrenaline gain to
[09:34] whilst it doesn't do anything at the time - save me in the future.
[09:39] It could be a real saver in a fight, as it comes to...
[09:42] actually your second time in this fight.
[09:44] But for now, we'll just let you finish watching the video
[09:47] and we'll see you on the Beta servers!
[09:49] Thanks very much, and we hope you have as great a time playing it
[09:52] as we have making it! And hopefully
[09:54] you'll not kill us too much in the Devs vs Players event in the first week.
[09:59] The Evolution of the Combat Beta starts on June 26th
[10:03] so check out for more details
[10:05] and don't miss our RuneCast special on launch day
[10:08] to hear from the team that have been working
[10:10] on what is sure to be the most dramatic update that RS has even seen
[10:15] next week we go behind the scenes of a quest that you control