Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #69 - Task Master

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Task Master
[00:07] Have you ever wandered through Daemonheim thinking what this place really needs is a task set?
[00:13] Mod Moltare did and so he made one.
[00:16] Dungeoneering is very suitable for a task list, its unique ever changing content that provides us with a wealth of opportunities for interesting tasks.
[00:25] Dungeoneering has always been about puzzles, and combat and exploration.
[00:30] You can expect to see tasks that involve all three of those.
[00:34] With any task list we're looking to add 3 main things: it's extra guidance for players that are new to the area on in this case skill,
[00:44] it's a way of finding interesting middle of the road players who otherwise might not be aware of certain things,
[00:51] and it's additional challenge for players who are at the top of the game.
[00:56] In terms of difficulty of challenge, by the time you're done with this task set, you'll be intimately familiar with Demonheim if you weren't already.
[01:02] I'm going to have to say that the "kill the Warp Gallega without getting hit by it's one life point attack" is going to be tricky for me as I'm not all that good at combat.
[01:11] There's a wealth of rewards available from this, things both practical and cosmetic.
[01:16] We've got Thok's Crab Fists, we've got free Laws and Cosmics, we've got extended resource dungeons and we've got hard mode.
[01:24] Hard Mode is a new challenge that you can unlock from the Elite task set.
[01:30] It basically gives you the option to let us cheat.
[01:35] When we're creating a dungeon for you, there are some random rolls involved in how difficult is this monster going to be,
[01:42] how tricky is this challenge going to be.
[01:44] You check that Hard Mode box, we're just going to say it was the highest that random number could possibly have been.
[01:50] The most difficult that monster could have been.
[01:52] Hard Mode is for people looking for that extra challenge and for completionists.
[01:57] There are 60 floors to complete in Hard Mode, of course, so completing all 60 of those, with their harder bosses, and their harder monsters, and their harder puzzles
[02:06] will unlock the "Of Demonheim" title to display your mastery with.
[02:15] And there's more from Behind the Scenes, next week.