Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #68 - Super September

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] This week Mod Osborne talks to us about Super
[00:11] so tell us, what's so super about September?
because I thought September was rubbish - you're
[00:18] back to school, end of the holidays...
[00:22] It's still good, even though you're back school,
we're bringing you some super hero sun and
[00:26] awesomeness with super September, so there'll
be super hero challenges. So if you look at
[00:30] your challenge system, on the first day of
Super September which is the 1st of September,
[00:35] you'll see a new super hero task right at
the top. that'll pop in once per day so there'll
[00:39] be a new one, it'll refresh and you've got
to do it and you've got to hand it in on that
[00:42] day.
[00:43] What's task number one?
[00:44] Task number one, that is activate ten portents.
So if you've been doing Divination, you know
[00:47] that portents can activate if you get below
half health so you've got to do ten of those
[00:51] so you've got to actively hurt yourself. There's
other things like eating lots of bananas and
[00:56] filling your inventory with 28 varieties of
food - that sort of thing, something quirky.
[00:59] Every five super hero tasks that you do, you'll
unlock a piece of Super Hero gear so it starts
[01:04] off with stuff like your super hero costume,
your fancy tights and visor and things like
[01:09] that. And then every five tasks that you do
after that you'll unlock titles, you'll unlock
[01:14] animations, you'll unlock the old super hero
claws, the super hero shield.
[01:18] And what happens if I was to miss a day? Do
I lose all of my items? do i lose all of my
[01:23] rewards?
[01:24] You don't lose your progress at all, it's
just cumulative so you don't have to get five
[01:28] in a row for example, it's five in total.
[01:30] We've got two challenges that we thought it
would be great if they're week long and you
[01:35] could take them a little bit further so it
wasn't just a day, you could do them as many
[01:38] times as you wanted. So that's "Farmyard Rampage"
and "Bull dog" just to give you an inclination
[01:43] of what that might be. And after the week
[01:45] I like the idea of "Farmyard Rampage"
[01:47] I think you probably guess what "Farmyard
Rampage" is. After that week, we'll look at
[01:51] the top 1000 in the high scores (in the seasonal
high scores) and give them an extra special
[01:55] outfit, a gold outfit for competing and they're
appearing in the top 1000.
[02:00] So Dave, how hard are the challenges?
[02:02] So it's important to note that there are no
skill or quest requirements to do these challenges,
[02:06] anyone can do them. they can be quite collaborative,
very social - you know you'll have to work
[02:09] with your friends list...
[02:10] Yikes...
[02:11] I know... and you'll have some skill tasks,
there'll be some that'll ask you to dress
[02:15] up in ludicrous ways and go to crazy places
and some of them actually quite difficult,
[02:19] really quite tough.
[02:20] So that's interesting Dave because actually
Alan (who makes Behind the Scenes with us),
[02:24] we were talking earlier on about how actually
it would be really good fun to get a J-mod
[02:27] to complete one of those challenges each week
at least.
[02:31] yeah...
[02:32] In real life, just for our entertainment,
for our own amusement. I think it's a really
[02:36] good idea but err..
[02:37] ok...
[02:38] Alan? You're doing it mate.
[02:41] Make Osborne do it.
[02:43] No no, Alan suggested it, Alan should definitely
do it and we're going to film it for our pleasure,
[02:48] for our amusement. Looking at week 1, I think
that only things that actually doable by a
[02:53] human are skilling 15 skills is it?
[02:58] 15 skills in one day i think.
[03:00] And the other one is eating 50 bananas.
[03:05] alan vs food!
[03:06] so Alan, take your pick, take your pick, and
we'll post the results next week and hilarity
[03:10] should ensue.
[03:15] "Greetings again from Roland O'Rielly, Gielinor
[03:24] You join me once more at the Lumbridge Crater
where once again we have confirmed reports
[03:28] of an imminent upswing in the hostilities.
Insider reports from the high command of both
[03:32] factions indicate that the generals Padomenes
and Moia are seeking input from trusted advisors
[03:37] to determine which of their reserves to bring
forward next.
[03:40] At present it seems likely that the Zamorakian
butcher demon and the Saradominist prideleader
[03:45] will carry the votes, although with over a
week to go, the outcome is not yet certain.
[03:50] With more fighting invertible both generals
are set to order their quartermasters to open
[03:54] access to their most sort after arsenal soon
In related news, despite rumours of dwindling
[03:59] public funds, the Duke of Lumbridge continues
to plan for the protection of his town; and
[04:04] our economic analyst predicts a further increase
in the availability of divine metal on the
[04:09] battlefield."
For the Gielinor news at 10 this is Roland
[04:13] O'Rielly
Next week Behind the Scenes starts ticking
[04:18] off the new Dungeoneering task list