Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #67 - Value of Loyalty

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
The Value of Loyalty
[00:07] If you've been saving up your loyalty points, you'll want to check out the all new stuff they'll buy you.
[00:12] This week Behind the Scenes takes a look at the value of loyalty.
[00:17] We've making really big changes to both Solomon's store and the loyalty points program.
[00:21] Based on the community's feedback, we think they're really going to love it.
[00:25] A lot of big changes have been happening and a lot of stuff's going on but really, the biggest headline is this:
[00:30] Players can now use loyalty points to buy items in Solomon's store.
[00:34] Solomon's store has loads of great items. Up until now, of course, you could only buy them with real money.
[00:40] And now we've merged the loyalty point program into the store, you can buy tons of items with loyalty points as well as RuneCoins.
[00:48] In the new store, well over half the items can bought with Loyalty points,
[00:51] including really big stuff like the bank boosters and keepsake keys.
[00:55] Some items, like auras, can only be bought with loyalty points, some can be bought with either, and some with just RuneCoins.
[01:02] So making this huge change and merging the stores has given us the perfect opportunity to give it a massive makeover.
[01:08] Not only is it easier to use, it looks great too.
[01:10] In addition to all these huge changes, we're increasing the value we place on player loyalty by giving them more loyalty points
[01:17] and if for whatever reason they lapse in membership, their loyalty points won't reset.
[01:20] We think it's much fairer that way.
[01:23] Player feedback has had a huge impact on the new and improved Solomon's store so go check it out for yourself.
[01:29] And Behind the Scenes is back next week with more on what's new to RuneScape 3.