Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #66 - Divination Part 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] divination is the first new skill to
[00:10] come to runescape in a very long time
[00:11] it's tied heavily to the sixth age and
[00:14] over the next few minutes you'll learn a
[00:16] whole lot more about it with supination
[00:20] we really wanted it to be a new thing
[00:22] not just for the players the characters
[00:24] in the game don't really know that much
[00:25] about it yet it's new to them two
[00:27] characters associated with divination
[00:29] have a camp just west of the Lumbridge
[00:32] crater and south of the draynor village
[00:34] lodestone there's three main NPCs at the
[00:37] skill camp and they'll take you through
[00:39] the basics of training divination and
[00:41] some of the rewards and they're not very
[00:42] organized but they're kind of elected
[00:44] aller as their leader so she's kind of
[00:45] the first NPC you'll want to talk to you
[00:47] then you've got Faison and Mae and
[00:49] they'll take you through kind of the
[00:50] more advanced rewards won't you see
[00:51] you've learnt the basics you'll be able
[00:53] to be at the forefront of the skill
[00:56] ahead of most of the NPC's and the skill
[01:00] cape is on a stand because nobody can
[01:02] wear it yet mod mark is already spoken a
[01:04] little about the items that he'll you
[01:06] automatically there are plenty of other
[01:08] things you can make with their nation
[01:09] such as divine locations final occasions
[01:12] can be thought of as kind of portable
[01:14] skilling locations such as a portable
[01:16] tree or a possible mining Rock they can
[01:18] be placed down pretty much anywhere you
[01:20] can put a fire and then you can harvest
[01:22] resources from them much like you would
[01:23] a normal skilling location however these
[01:25] are intended to give a kind of fast
[01:27] burst of XP and resources so especially
[01:29] with the high-level locations you'll
[01:31] notice that you're harvesting much
[01:32] faster than you would otherwise you can
[01:35] harvest from them your friends can
[01:36] harvest from them and when they do you
[01:38] get a chance of bonus resources
[01:40] appearing in your infantry we're kind of
[01:42] looking at other skills such as wood
[01:43] cutting hunter and mining and in those
[01:46] skills it's kind of beneficial to be on
[01:48] your own and which we didn't think was
[01:49] quite right so with divine locations
[01:51] we've really aimed to kind of make
[01:52] players be more sociable divine
[01:54] locations exist for mining wood cutting
[01:57] hunter and farming of course there has
[02:00] to be restrictions on divine locations
[02:02] otherwise you could gather an infinite
[02:04] number of resources and that wouldn't be
[02:06] particularly good for the game's economy
[02:07] you can only place one divine location
[02:09] of any kind each day and there's a
[02:12] limit on how many items you can take
[02:14] from divine locations in general each
[02:16] day based on your levels divination is
[02:19] coming next week like the other member
[02:21] skills the first few levels of
[02:23] definition are open to free players so
[02:25] they can come along and see what it
[02:26] holds so the obvious reason to check out
[02:28] divination is to reach 99 and get the
[02:30] skill Kate and I'm quite excited to see
[02:32] who's gonna do that first
[02:33] obviously completion escape holders will
[02:35] want to get that back as well aside from
[02:37] that there's a whole host of exciting
[02:39] rewards that we've talked about as well
[02:41] as some game changes that we haven't
[02:42] even mentioned yet and behind the scenes
[02:46] is back next week with more on what's
[02:48] new to runescape 3
[03:13] you