Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #65 - Death of Chivalry

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
The death of chivalry
[00:08] The Death of Chivalry is the new quest for all players featuring Gods, Castles and the epitome of chivalry himself, Sir Owen.
[00:16] This week, Behind the Scenes talks to Mods Stu and Osborne about the 6th age quest
[00:21] and we take a minute to catch up on how the Battle of Lumbridge is shaping up for old Zammy and Sara.
[00:29] This week's update is The Death of Chivalry it's a free to play quest that replaces The Black Knights Fortress.
[00:33] An adventure of swords and sorcery with Sir Owen. His first quest and the first quest really to deal with the sixth age.
[00:40] Sir Owen is a pragmatic temple knight who accompanies the player on their quest.
[00:44] Sir Owen only gets one quest this time but it's really the start of something big,
[00:47] this is the first quest in a quest line and you'll be able to see how this is going to branch out in the future
[00:51] but the time you finish Death of Chivalry.
[00:54] Following The World Wakes Saradomin is back and this quest is about Saradomin being back in the world.
[00:58] How he's trying to change the world, how he's trying to manipulate things and whether or not you're on board with that
[01:03] or you're against it and Zamoraks also back so he plays a part in this quest too.
[01:07] Like the Ariane and Ozan quests this is a rework of an existing quest and area.
[01:11] The Black Knights Fortress quest was originally built in Runescape classic about 12 years ago
[01:17] and the black knights are the ideal antagonist for Sir Owen.
[01:20] My primary aim was to respect the legacy of the Black Knights Fortress Quest.
[01:24] The new quest hits a lot o the same story beats and follows on from the same themes.
[01:29] Saradomin has called on you and Sir Owen to infiltrate the Black Knights Fortress
[01:34] because they have a weapon and that weapon could wipe out Falador.
[01:36] So you're going to dress as the leader of the Black Knights
[01:38] and infiltrate the fortress whilst Sir Owen acts as your prisoner kinda like Chewbacca in the first Star Wars movie.
[01:45] Decisions you've made I the past will unlock new dialogue options in this quest.
[01:48] So if you've chosen to align with Saradomin at the first World Event then you'll have an option to kneel before him.
[01:54] If you've aligned with Zamorak then you'll have access to various insults you can throw at him about his new Papa Smurf blue makeover.
[02:02] We've reworked the Black Knights fortress as part of this make over and it looks really awesome.
[02:05] For me the black knights were always a bit generic we didn't really get an idea of what they were about what their philosophy,
[02:12] what they were trying to achieve so that was something we really wanted to do with the rework
[02:16] so we've got tapestries that can tell you a bit more of their history,
[02:18] you can talk to individual knights about what their aims are.
[02:22] So we've expanded the fortress out to the North with a much large footprint it's got these thick chunky fortified walls
[02:29] and we've themed the rooms in there so it feels like somewhere that the black knights can live work and train.
[02:34] You can see kind of torture devices and ritual chambers and sacrificial chambers.
[02:39] There's so much more richness I the black knights fortress for you to investigate.
[02:43] As part of this update we've also reworked all of the regular black knights across the world to use the new player black armour.
[02:51] They're all spikes and studs now you can also see the various ranks of the black knights all the way up to the lieutenants and captains.
[02:59] The quest has no requirements and it's free to play.
[03:01] We're experimenting with scaling the NPCs during combat in this quest.
[03:06] A problem we often have is that players that are above the level of a novice quest will destroy all the enemies in one hit.
[03:12] It's an experiment and we'll see how it plays out.
[03:14] You're probably interested in the rewards and we have the usual chunk of XP with a bigger batch of XP for high level players
[03:20] there's also cosmetic gear some of which is related to Sir Owen
[03:23] and for me the biggest and best reward is a little nod to those that have played the original black knights fortress,
[03:28] those who are a little nostalgic for that quest so look out for that one and see if you can spot it.
[03:32] There's combat, puzzles, covert ops, beautiful environments to explore,
[03:37] haunting music, a memorable supporting cast and fresh cabbage.
[03:52] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
[03:54] You join me here at the Battle of Lumbridge where reports indicate an imminent upsurge in activity within the crater.
[04:00] Confirmed eyewitness accounts have sighted demons joining the reserves of the Zamorakian forces,
[04:05] and simultaneously a contingent of centaurs on the Saradominist side;
[04:10] both combatants are said to be powerful melee fighters of considerable tenacity,
[04:14] each with the ability to heal the wounds of friendly troops in the field.
[04:19] In response to this expected increase in hostilities, the quartermasters on both sides look set to open access to more of their stores,
[04:27] allowing the faithful to requisition further pieces of the so-called 'warpriest' hybrid armour set
[04:33] alongside higher titles and further evidence of the gods' favour.
[04:37] Whether or not the fighting is linked to the increased prevalence of node instability
[04:41] including, it seems, cases in which nodes have been rumoured to drop fragments of divine metal
[04:46] is as yet unconfirmed.
[04:48] What is certain, however, is that the Battle of Lumbridge is only going to get fiercer from this point on.
[04:54] For the Gielinor News At Ten, this is Roland O'Rielly.
[05:01] Mark may have told us a lot about Divination the other week
[05:03] but Behind the Scenes demands to know more! So next week, more Divination!