Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #64 - Divination Skill

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Automatic transcription

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
[00:08] A few months ago Mod Mark emerged from a door in a castle and said
[00:12] Divination
[00:13] But what the Falador is Divination? This week Mark spills the beans.
[00:20] Hello Mod Mark here coming to you from London at the Tobacco Dock which is the site for Runefest.
[00:26] Absolutely beautiful day, lovely location and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the new skill to you which is.
[00:35] No it's not sailing I just thought I'd troll you a bit there it's in fact called Divination and it's going to be magnificent.
[00:44] Since the activities in the World Wakes Quest Guthix's shield has been shattered
[00:49] you'll be collecting the raw energy from that shield that's been scattered in special locations across the world.
[00:56] The spirit of the world has been damaged and by collecting the energies and the memories that those energies hold
[01:04] you'll be helping to fix Gielinor the world itself.
[01:09] This new energy brings exciting new powers to the world and encapsulates principles of balance, form and teleportation.
[01:22] So how do you train divination?
[01:24] Divination is a lot like a cross between fishing and hunting and the Runespan.
[01:29] You'll be interacting with Wisps that are strange balls of energy
[01:33] that are congregating around craters that have erupted all over Runescape.
[01:38] When you interact with the wisps you'll be gathering energy and memories
[01:42] and you'll be converting those memories and the energy into XP.
[01:49] It's a member's only skill but free players will be able to play around with the introduction of divination and try it out themselves.
[01:55] We'll have a brand new high score table for you to compete for those important places
[02:00] and you'll be able to use divination within Deamonheim itself
[02:04] giving you new options as you're exploring your latest dungeon.
[02:07] You'll also be able to use those energies to create a whole host of new rewards for you to use all across Runescape.
[02:14] I don't want to ruin all of the surprises
[02:16] For now I'll give you a little bit of a taster of what's in store.
[02:20] You'll be able to play around with life energies manipulating the food that you use in combat
[02:26] to auto heal you instead, some of those items will effect death itself.
[02:31] It's been fantastic finally talking to you about the divination skill;
[02:36] really I've just scratched the surface but I hope you're as excited as I am about this upcoming launch.
[02:42] There'll be lots more information coming out in the next few weeks
[02:45] but for now this is Mod Mark signing off from the site of RuneFest 2013.
[02:51] I'm really looking forward to seeing you all here in a couple of month's time.
[02:57] Next week the sixth age rolls on as Mods Osborne and Stu unleash a brand new quest in a brand new castle.