Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #63 - Runescape 3 Goes Live

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
RuneScape 3 Goes Live
[00:07] Monday July the 22nd saw the launch of RuneScape's biggest ever update, RuneScape 3.
[00:13] Now four days on, Mod Paul M caught up with Mod Mark to see how it's going.
[00:19] You're on your way to RuneFest, to go the venue today, so we'll be fairly quick.
[00:23] Yeah, thanks. A busy day, as it has been all week.
[00:26] Tell me about the launch then, how's it been?
[00:28] It was an amazing day when we launched everything, really exciting for us to see the players finally getting their teeth into the world event.
[00:35] Players have really been enjoying the content we've been chucking at them.
[00:38] The audio's fantastic as well, the players are really responding well to that.
[00:41] Also playing something like that, getting involved with it every day with so many other players, it's really quite social.
[00:47] I was there the other day, doing stuff - well, I don't want to tell you too much about it...
[00:52] You're being quite caged actually about what the world event is, can you tell us what it is?
[00:56] No, because I want players to log in! I want players to play it. If you've been logging in and you haven't gone and looked at it yet, you're crazy.
[01:02] So, not saying which side is which or who's who, but if you were to choose sides - let's call it "A" - and they come out victorious at the end of the world event,
[01:13] are those players that have gone on that side going to come off with a better reward than the guys on the other side?
[01:18] No. It doesn't matter which side you engage with, the rewards that are on offer are the same.
[01:24] So the same armour?
[01:26] The armour is slightly different cosmetically.
[01:28] Now I know for a fact that there are lots of players that are now on one side because they plan to earn the armour from both sides.
[01:36] So if you're looking at the game right now and you're saying "oh this side is well in the lead", don't assume that's how it's going to stay.
[01:44] We've had over twenty million votes cast.
[01:47] We've got more people coming back to RuneScape all the time, I'm not sure which side they're going to pick.
[01:52] And, like I say, there are lots of players who I know are going to switch sides because they want to earn the armour.
[01:57] The quartermaster deals with all the rewards.
[02:00] When you play the event you earn renown, you earn reward points effectively.
[02:04] Then you can go to the quartermaster and you can spend those reward tokens.
[02:08] And the XP comes very similar to lamps that you'd earn from quests, and they're quite healthy amounts of XP.
[02:15] We've balanced it specifically so it's more rewarding to go and play the event and convert your tokens into XP
[02:23] than it would be if you've just gone and trained a skill.
[02:25] Throughout the whole build up to RuneScape 3 you've talked a huge amount about feedback and importance of feedback,
[02:29] and certainly the new interface has been a big one - I know Jim has talked a lot about that.
[02:34] Now the game has gone live, how important is it really for people to keep on giving feedback?
[02:41] It's still massively important to us.
[02:43] The system has been built in a fully-flexible way so it can accommodate for all situations that players are in,
[02:51] but who knows, we might have overlooked a few.
[02:54] We want to know how the system is working for the players, how they're using it, and what they're feedback is.
[02:59] We want this system to be perfect. We need the players' help in order for that to happen.
[03:05] Obviously we've got some teething problems, we had a few issues on the launch day.
[03:10] We worked really hard to get those things sorted out.
[03:13] Big thanks to all the players for being patient with us to deal with the bigger black screen issues we had.
[03:19] We've fixed all the major bugs now, so we're now working on the less major bugs
[03:24] and starting to look at the feedback that's being generated from the forums.
[03:28] I would love to sit here and say "we'll never have any bugs ever", but that would just be unprofessional.
[03:33] I guess RuneScape is such a big game, there's always going to be little bits and pieces you'd like to tweak.
[03:39] So, RuneFest then.
[03:41] You're going off the RuneFest venue later today, going to have a bit of a look around? What's your plan?
[03:46] I'd just like to have a walk around, get a feel for the site really. We've been a couple of times before.
[03:52] It's called Tobacco Dock, it's in London, it's a really fantastic site. It's an old nineteenth century warehouse.
[03:59] How many days is it? I got an email from rodeo_w_n asking how many days is it, he's trying to sort out hotels.
[04:06] It's a one day event. It's just one day.
[04:09] Cool, I'll let you get on then. Thanks for telling us about RuneScape 3.
[04:12] See you in about an hour when we go and do another interview and pretend it's next week!
[04:16] Haha why not!
[04:18] Cheers.
[04:19] Bye.
[04:21] Next week, Behind the Scenes follows Mod Mark to the RuneFest 2013 venue
[04:25] to find out what the new skill - Divination - is all about.