Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #62 - Get Ready for RuneScape 3

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] One Last Thing
[00:08] Runescape 3 is now just days away, so with mic in hand,
[00:11] Behind the Scenes stopped some of the team working on RuneScape 3 to get their final pre launch thoughts
[00:19] To get you up to speed on the release of runescape 3 we've created a handy little helper that covers all the new content that the game brings
[00:25] A "how to" for the interface system and how you can get the best out of your game.
[00:28] A round up for the new combat system content and finally, a taster for the new world event with all the epic content that it brings.
[00:34] The guys working on the new website have done a really amazing job, it really frames RuneScape 3 and it's really easy to navigate around.
[00:40] What I'm really looking forward to is seeing the "seasonal high scores"
[00:43] - seeing what elements of Runescape players take and make competitive should be really interesting.
[00:47] So when we first saw the new interface system we were really excited at the addition to RuneScape 3.
[00:52] And as the Beta's gone on and the players have got involved, the customisations have got better and better.
[00:57] The World Event is coming on the 22nd so be sure to log in.
[01:00] To get the best experience out of RuneScape 3, I recommend you update your graphics drivers.
[01:05] Your feedback's so important to us. RuneScape 3 is made by you
[01:09] so after launch your feedback's going to continue to be just as important.
[01:14] Choosing your side is absolutely critical - it can make a huge difference to the future of Gilienor.
[01:18] The new Interface System offers great flexibility and I'm really looking forward to seeing what players do with it in the combat encounters.
[01:23] The RuneScape story is evolving and things are about to get really deep.
[01:27] So my advice is for people to get really up to date with the story so far.
[01:31] So I'm really looking forward to bringing RuneScape 3 players a nice behind the scenes look at the content that's coming up, it's going to be really exciting.
[01:37] So I'm just hoping that people sign up to YouTube and get onto FaceBook
[01:41] and maybe even tweet us with some suggestions if they've got any ideas for what they'd like to see in Behind the Scenes in the future.
[01:45] There's going to be a lot to get to grips with so I'd advise that players fill their fridge,
[01:48] empty their calendar and make sure they've got a nice cup of tea.
[01:54] See you next week for our very first post launch Behind the Scenes.