Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #61 - The 6th Age: Part Two

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
[00:08] The 6th age is going to be massive and is way too much to be contained by a single Behind the Scenes video.
[00:14] This week Mod Osborne talks to us about story lines, player choices and new worlds.
[00:21] So the 6th Age isn't all about gods, we're also going to be looking to push forward that technological age
[00:26] and that means we're going beyond the dwarven steampunk, beyond the cave goblin electricity into a new era,
[00:34] a new era of technology in which the player will be progressing it themselves and spreading that technology about the world,
[00:39] and that will come in the form of 2 new skills.
[00:41] So the first of those skills is divination.
[00:43] For the first time with this skill we're trying something new we're going to actually tie it into the theme of the 6th age,
[00:47] we're going to tie it into our story and so the events of the world wakes will filter into these 2 skills
[00:51] and will actually form stories themselves particularly with the second skill.
[00:54] You'll find that there are quests that deal with the notion of the player kind of spreading this new technology about the world,
[01:01] seeing them take control of it and becoming a pioneer.
[01:05] You can guarantee that 6th age god content will be voiced so you can thoroughly immerse yourself in that story
[01:11] can also be sure that lower levels won't be prohibited from playing that kind of epic scope larger stories like the World Wakes and Ritual of the Mahjarrat
[01:19] and if you're a high level player you can be sure there'll be meaty considerable post quest playable content for each quest that we release.
[01:26] And at the end of all of this there'll be a culmination quest that brings all of the strands together
[01:31] and requires all of the stories that have come before.
[01:34] We still want to tell stories like the dwarves which has been recently voted on by the players, we want to tell stories about the elves,
[01:39] there are good stories we know we want to tell about the desert and the vampires and there will still be stand alone content,
[01:44] things that aren't related to the gods like Bringing Home the Bacon that kind of cleanses the pallet and tells a different story,
[01:50] separate from all the serious god content.
[01:53] The notion of the barriers falling with the World Wakes, that Guthix is gone so other races come into the world
[01:59] means you'll see other factions come into the world.
[02:01] It also means we can go to Vampirion home of the Vampires, we can go to the Icyene homeland where these angel like beings live.
[02:08] We can go to the Infernal Dimensions of the demons. It really gives us the opportunity to expand our universe.
[02:12] It's been really hard for us to explain how choice and persistence works, particularly with the world events, and how that features in solo content.
[02:19] The best way to describe it is probably an analogy.
[02:22] Imagine we're all on a boat we've got 2 islands we can all together choose which one to go to, but when we're there it's up to you.
[02:28] You can change it, you can choose to be the king or you can decide to set them free.
[02:32] Ultimately the players will be determining our path and direction of future content and that's a very exciting prospect.
[02:40] RS3 is nearly here and with it will be a pretty epic World Event that you won't want to miss a second of.
[02:46] Next week, to ensure you're fully prepared for RuneScape 3,
[02:49] Behind the Scenes have created a handy checklist just for you.