Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #60 - Bringing Home The Bacon

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
 Bringing Home The Bacon
[00:08] It's a meaty episode of Behind the Scenes this week as we learn about the slightly bizarre life of Eli Bacon.
[00:13] Mods Mark and Wilson tell us more.
[00:16] Lots of the quests we've been working on more recently have been very serious,
[00:21] been dealing with very serious subject matters like gods dying.
[00:25] So we decided to counteract that.
[00:27] We wanted to do a quest that was a little more lighthearted.
[00:30] . A little bit more fun and humorous and perhaps more traditionally what we're known for
[00:35] and that's why it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a quest all about bacon.
[00:42] Bringing home the bacon is a brand new quest where the players will be getting involved with a character called Eli Bacon,
[00:48] he has recently discovered the food substance bacon
[00:52] and he is very worried that all of the citizens of Runescape are just going to eat pigs out of existence.
[00:58] I just need you to eat some of this meat I've cooked up.
[01:03] The bacon addicts are locals around Elis little pig farm who have discovered that bacon tastes delicious
[01:10] and they're addicted to it, they can't get enough they're just out to eat as many pigs as they can.
[01:14] Bacon must eat bacon.
[01:19] So he wants the player to work with him to reinforce the importance of pigs by finding new roles for pigs in the game.
[01:27] There's some really quite cool rewards from this quest.
[01:29] The first reward is a fully grown pig pet which players can customize its appearance and its name.
[01:35] There's also 3 new summoning familiars which have different combat and non combat uses.
[01:42] Pigs can either be trained to fight in combat, carry items for you as a beast of burden
[01:48] or they can store prayer points that you can drain to restore your own.
[01:51] Players will also obviously be able to get access to bacon which can be stacked up into giant heaps, cooked and eaten.
[01:59] There's also a new type of pie and a new type of alcoholic beverage made out of bacon.
[02:04] You also unlock a brand new tune called Glutton for Nourishment it's cracking or should I say crackling.
[02:21] We've been thinking about adding bacon to the game for a long time.
[02:25] I remember when I first started at Jagex I always wondered why there wasn't any bacon in the game
[02:29] yet there were weird things like anchovy pizzas.
[02:33] When the opportunity came up to do a light hearted piece of content
[02:36] it struck me as the perfect opportunity to do what I'd wanted all those years ago
[02:42] and find a good way to put bacon into the game.
[02:45] It's a nice little quest in old Runescape style and for low level players it's quite quick, simple and the rewards are quite good.
[02:51] For high level players the rewards actually scale up with your level
[02:54] so you can make the pig familiars that you get more powerful so it's still worth while doing for them.
[03:00] Bringing Home the Bacon is a fantastic new quest I urge every player to play through it
[03:05] whether they're interested in lore or whether they're interested in rewards
[03:08] it doesn't really matter there's something for everyone in that quest
[03:11] and it's a lot of fun we're hoping everyone will have a good chuckle as they play through the content,
[03:16] it really is proper Runescape.
[03:21] With RuneScape 3 coming on July 22nd, the time has come for Wednesday's & Friday's Behind the Scenes
[03:26] to morph together into a single, all powerful feast of RuneScape updatery.
[03:31] Next Friday then, it's part 2 of our look at the dawn of the 6th age.