Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #5 - Combat Action & Adrenaline Bar

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the Scenes
The Evolution of Combat: Action and Adrenaline
[00:06] Welcome to RuneScape Behind The Scenes.
[00:08] This week, it's all about action and adrenaline as Mod Chris L and Hunter
[00:12] continue showing off The Evolution of Combat's action and adrenaline bars.
[00:17] Okay, so this is the Action Bar. It's attached to the top of the chat box, as you can see.
[00:20] You can minimize the chat box and you can also minimize the Action Bar.
[00:24] So if you want to chat, or do combat, or visa-versa - that is a possibility.
[00:28] You can minimize both together if you really just don't want to see that whatsoever!
[00:33] Okay, and then obviously you need something to put on your Action Bar.
[00:35] So let's take a look at the new Ability Book, which is taking up what was the Magic ability tab.
[00:40] You can see you've got abilities for each skill there.
[00:43] Yeah. You just showed some Ranged, Magic and Defence I think,
[00:47] but we're going on to some of the Attack abilities.
[00:50] Yeah, so you take it out,providing you've unlocked the ability.
[00:53] You can take it out of the book and drag it onto the bar as we are doing here.
[00:56] You might notice that - on there for example - it's not coloured in.
[00:59] This shows that you don't have a requirement to use that ability.
[01:03] I think in this case, that's actually a two-handed ability, and in that case there -
[01:07] the one I just dragged onto number six - it's what we call a "Threshold Ability"
[01:10] which requires adrenaline, which we'll touch on in a second about how that unlocks.
[01:14] But basically you can see that as you change your gear or as combat changes,
[01:17] different abilities become available or locked to you, to use in that bit of combat.
[01:23] So we're dragging on some defensive abilities, mixed with the Attack abilities now.
[01:29] I've seen some people on the forum worrying that it will all just be pre-sets,
[01:35] so that'll dispel those disbeliefs!
[01:38] I think we're just about to start on the actual combat now.
[01:42] I was just showing the two-handed one there.
[01:45] You can see that some of them turned off, some of them turned back on.
[01:47] Those two at the end required a shield and obviously,
[01:49] with a Dragon two-hander, you can't have a shield.
[01:51] And likewise there, I've got a weapon but not a shield,
[01:54] and then there's the shield again, and the shield abilities turn back on.
[01:56] So you can keep up-to-date with what's going-on on your bar
[02:00] just by looking at if it's coloured-in or not.
[02:02] Yep, so the main thing that you'll notice now is
[02:05] we've got the green section above the abilities on the hot-bar now.
[02:09] This is your Adrenaline Bar which will slowly go up as you do auto-attacks,
[02:15] but when you use a basic ability, you'll get a nice extra jump
[02:19] - just like that -
[02:20] There you go!
[02:21] You'll get an extra jump soon you'll be able to see,
[02:23] and then we'll be able to show you some Threshold Abilities.
[02:25] Threshold Abilities are unlocked at 50%, so you'll notice that in a second
[02:30] the bar's just glowed and ability number six (that one),
[02:33] that one's just become available because it's a Threshold Ability.
[02:35] Seven is also available, but it's actually greyed-out because we don't have a two-hander,
[02:39] so there we go - I've changed it to a two-hander
[02:41] and now I can do that ability because I have all of the requirements.
[02:43] And there you go - I've "spun", and that is actually an "AoE" attack,
[02:46] but there's only one guy, as ever.
[02:47] Yeah, but we might as well show that a bit later on actually doing some AoE.
[02:52] Ok so we're nearly at ultimate level here but, I think I got a bit too "into it"
[02:56] and, yeah, he died in this video!
[02:59] So we'll show you what happens when combat stops.
[03:03] When combat stops...
[03:05] you've got about 15 seconds to carry it on,
[03:07] or this happens and you've come out of combat stance and your adrenaline starts going down.
[03:10] Yeah so with NPCs you can jump onto another NPC as you wish,
[03:14] but in PvP that's going to be a bit different, so you can't jump in with an "Ultimate".
[03:18] But as it goes down, you see you've just gone past half there,
[03:21] so you can no longer use "Haemorrhage" as it requires 50%,
[03:25] and you've not got that any more.
[03:26] And then we'll just go back to square one, which means... there you go - business as usual!
[03:31] So as promised, we'll be showing off "Whirlwind" in just AoE at this point.
[03:38] We'll build up a bit of adrenaline first and show off a few more abilities.
[03:42] Ok, so we'll generate the adrenaline again.
[03:46] The normal combat system that's currently in-game is click-and-wait, and that is still an option here.
[03:50] If you do nothing, then you still generate a bit of adrenaline.
[03:53] We just encourage you to click it now and again if you're not interacting too much.
[03:57] Then, as you get to the Ultimates...
[04:00] I think you're about to unlock one if it's gone past 50%...
[04:04] Yeah, and that's some of our defensive abilities.
[04:06] Whilst you don't see anything immediate, if these guys weren't "punch-bags",
[04:12] and they dealt you any damage, you'd hit them.
[04:14] But now we're getting towards Ultimate levels, so we focus on this,
[04:18] where we're going to go "spinny" with Whirlwind and then show you an Ultimate.
[04:21] So you can see the bar's full - it's really, really bright now, ready to be used,
[04:26] and I think we're about to fire off an ability we call "Meteor Strike".
[04:29] Here it comes... Boom!
[04:30] And Ultimates drain all of the adrenaline down to zero.
[04:35] As you can see, the bar's emptied again.
[04:37] Think of it like your Special Attack bar at the moment. I died obviously.
[04:41] Ultimates have really powerful effects, but we'll be disclosing that in due time, I'm sure.
[04:51] So this one is customising the key-binds.
[04:52] If you don't like what the presets are at the moment
[04:55] then you can customise them to what you want to.
[04:57] This is only for a single key, so you can use anything that's on your keyboard.
[05:03] That's pretty much all alpha-numeric, but there's a few code keys that work as well.
[05:09] Yeah and if you're not happy with your layout, as we just showed there,
[05:12] you can drag your abilities to the bin and it gets rid of them.
[05:16] Similarly, we can also swap abilities if we dragged it to another point.
[05:20] That also shows us being able to drag the Quick Prayer icon down and similarly, with the Run icon.
[05:27] There's no reason in-game that I can think of that needs it,
[05:31] but we thought we'd let you do it anyway!
[05:32] Just in case you're lazy! You can see we've locked the action bar there,
[05:34] so if you were clicking it in combat (because you don't have to press the keys - you can still click it),
[05:38] but if you weren't happy with accidentally dragging it in combat, that locks it
[05:42] so you don't accidentally click and drag rather than doing an ability.
[05:45] And you can see here, we're showing the multiple bars off.
[05:48] So, "shift" 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 will instantly change it, so you can have Melee, Ranged, Magic.
[05:54] Or even a "skilled" setup for hot-bars, with teleports or High Alchemy.
[05:58] You're also able to click the arrows on the right of the hot-bar to switch which tab you're on.
[06:04] If you prefer to do it via clicking, that's also an option.
[06:07] Alright, and to end we didn't want to leave out anyone because we're focussing on mage and range as well!
[06:14] So here's a Magic ability, an Ultimate, and there it is - Tsunami.
[06:17] And Mods Chris L and Hunter will be back next week
[06:20] for their final reveal of what's in store for The Evolution of Combat.
[06:24] And be warned, it's a biggy!