Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #59 - Rock Solid

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
RuneScape's biggest challenge?
[00:07] If you thought that facing off against the Kalphite king was hardcore wait till you get a load of this.
[00:13] Here's Mod Chris L with the gory details.
[00:17] We wanted to create a real big challenge for the top level players and people who have really mastered the skills and gear of the game.
[00:22] So that's why we created Vorago he's big.
[00:25] Really big.
[00:27] Originally when I was asked to make the next boss I thought of something really big and elemental and impressive when you first see him
[00:34] so I blew up a Living Rock Patriarch to massive proportions, graphics ran with that and that's what you see now.
[00:41] Players will be able to find Vorago's cave just North of the Falador lodestone. Nice and accessible, quick to get back too.
[00:47] The main aim of this boss was to make something that was a true group challenge.
[00:50] We've got other things that are similar but eventually they get mastered and there are sneaky ways round some of the group mechanics.
[00:56] What we've done here is really pushing the boat out with large group capacity,
[00:59] massive damage output and hopefully a more enjoyable and fun fight as well.
[01:03] Vorago's obviously bigger than most bosses we have in the game
[01:06] he's also got over 15 mechanics and different things he can do during the fight.
[01:11] He's the first boss I believe you can climb on and actually interact with in a very different way for a boss fight.
[01:16] He's even got a rotating stage where every week of the month is actually different.
[01:21] So what you've mastered this week is going to challenge you next week.
[01:24] The fight is aimed at around 5 plus people, from testing we've generally ended up with 8 to 13.
[01:30] It can hold up to 50 but Vorago can actually adapt to larger group sizes so if you want to take more people expect a harder fight.
[01:37] The QA team have spent hours testing their skills against Vorago
[01:40] I think it's great I think it's one of the best bosses we've seen so far in the game.
[01:46] Players need to make sure they're working as a team. If you lose any valuable members it's going to be a pretty quick end.
[01:52] I think the guys out there will have to be prepared to die a lot before they manage it.
[01:57] I've died plenty of times in the play tests yeah but the more you play the better you'll learn with it. You'll improve your skills.
[02:05] It's definitely the hardest boss in the game right now, yes.
[02:08] For anyone that can take down Vorago we're introducing some new unique drops. Most of it is aimed at level 90 magic,
[02:14] which is going to include your seismic wand, your seismic singularity a cool little portal in your off hand
[02:19] and then there's a 3 piece tectonic armour set which is level 90 magic; that's the helm the chest and the legs.
[02:25] If you keep going back there's even a rare drop which is a little pet, one of his minions which looks really cool.
[02:29] So that's Vorago, he's going to be hitting the game next week, you even have to survive a hit of 50 thousand damage just to get into the fight.
[02:38] In next week's distinctly porky addition of Behind the Scenes we chew the fat with Mods Mark and Wilson to find out about RuneScape's meatiest quest.