Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #58 - More Lodestones!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Lodestone Update
[00:08] This week behind the scenes caught up with Mod SRowley to talk about some new transport links appearing in Gielinor.
[00:15] The Lodestones are a convenient method of teleportation around the game world
[00:18] so that you can more quickly access content in popular areas.
[00:23] The first batch of Lodestones were all pretty much in free to play areas
[00:26] so with this we wanted to add some stones to members areas in more remote locations.
[00:32] There are 7 new lodestones they're in Canifis, Eagles' Peak, Fremennik Province, Karamja, Oo'glog the Wilderness and Tirranwn.
[00:41] We wanted to add them in places that are well travelled which would see a lot of use from a lodestone.
[00:48] We've made some changes to existing teleport jewellery and items such as the Amulet of Glory
[00:53] and some of the teleport scrolls from Treasure Trails just to give them some added value above the Lodestones.
[00:59] We hope the players make good use of the new Lodestone destinations
[01:02] and if they can think of anywhere else to add to the network please just let us know on the forums.
[01:08] Join us next week as Behind the Scenes finally blows the lid on Runescape's 6th age
[01:13] and we talk to Mod Chris L about the giant rocky boss Vorago.