Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #57 - Toolbelts

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Automatic transcription

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
Tool belts and Tweaks
[00:08] Tools, Belts, tool belts. This week tool belts.
[00:14] The tool belt was an update that we made so that you didn't have to keep all of your tools
[00:18] in your inventory all of the time and you could always have them on you.
[00:20] We then made an update later on to Dungeoneering that did the same thing for Dungeoneering
[00:24] and that has allowed you to hold extra levels of pickaxe and hatchet which the overworld tool belt didn't do
[00:30] but we're now happy to say that the overworld tool belt will let you hold up
[00:34] to dragon pickaxes and dragon hatchets now which will be really cool.
[00:38] Like the Dungeoneering tool belt if you're only level 10 woodcutting and you have a rune hatchet,
[00:44] you can still put the rune hatchet on your tool belt and it will function as the highest level hatchet you can use.
[00:49] Another big benefit is like with all the other tools in the tool belt
[00:53] once you've added the higher level tier of pickaxe and hatchet to the tool belt you won't lose them on death they're completely safe.
[01:00] You won't be able to take them out but it's a small price to pay to have a permanent upgrade to your tools.
[01:05] We really hope this update is going to make the tool belt beneficial to all players across all levels now.
[01:12] Alongside the tool belt we've made a lot of other feedback changes.
[01:15] We've been really busy trawling the forums trying to find all the common problems and issues
[01:19] that players have been having with the game at the moment.
[01:22] We've compiled a lot of these and tried to cram as many as we possibly can into this week's update.
[01:27] We've always got jmods going through the forums trying to collate all the player feedback hat they leave.
[01:32] We can't obviously fix everything that is posted on there but we do our best to try
[01:39] and get the most pressing issues and priorities everything as much as we can.
[01:42] Every update that we do we post the patch notes on the forums.
[01:46] I'd encourage all players to go to the forums to look them over
[01:50] to make sure they know all of the cool things we've got into their updates.
[01:53] Everything this week has been driven by player suggestions but without the player feedback
[01:58] we can't improve the game in the way that they want it so get on the forums give us your feedback and we can get to work on it.
[02:04] Before we go there's just time to reveal the winner of Mod Osborne's recent 100 quest tirad, and the winner is Bzay3 Congratualtions Bzay3.
[02:15] See you next week when behind the scenes will be back with more Runescape news
[02:19] including a round up for anyone who's missed this week's community management campfire.