Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #56 - Triskellion Treasures

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] If you want to get your hands on some new armour but are too tight to go and buy any, Triskelion Treasures are for you.
[00:13] As Behind The Scenes found out, you'll have to work for it though
[00:17] The Triskelion treasure is a cache of valuables that you can unlock by collecting pieces of a key reminiscent of the existing Crystal Key.
[00:27] The location of the cache itself is secret
[00:30] but once you have a completed key you'll be able to use it to point the way there.
[00:35] Triskelion pieces are pretty rare and you'll need three of them.
[00:38] They are more common on slayer monsters above a certain level
[00:42] and we've added them to various skilling activities for which you'll be looking at 80 or 90 in the respective skills.
[00:49] Many of the treasures unlocked with the Triskelion are existing items.
[00:54] This is now the only place where you could get either a Dragon Hatchet or a Dragon Pick Axe.
[00:59] On top of that we've added a brand new suit of armour which is level 50 in stats.
[01:04] It's hybrid armour which is pretty unusual in itself,
[01:07] it'll be tradable once you've get it, you will be able to trade the armour to free players.
[01:12] Once you've completed a Triskelion, you're going to be really pleased with the range of interesting and valuable things that you find in the treasure.
[01:22] In Wednesday's RuneScape 3 Behind the Scenes Mod OSborne told us RuneScape's story so far.
[01:27] With BTS in the bag and his mighty jowls fully limbered up, Mod Osborne was ready to take on the very first Behind the Scenes challenge.
[01:41] They said it couldn't be done, 100 quests in two minutes, here we go, prepare for more speed and spoilers than a fast and furious movie.
[01:46] In the beginning, the elder gods left our house for a holiday and guthix was left in charge so guthix invited over some friends.
[01:50] Guthix had been working late that day so he fell asleep.
[01:52] He was satisfied though that his party was going well but while Guthix slept, his neighbours gatecrashed and spent most their time arguing.
[01:57] They got on the phone and invited everyone, fights kicked off, all while guthix was asleep in the armchair.
[02:01] One frat boy stole the older God's jewelry and burned down the back garden.
[02:04] The smell of burned grass woke Guthix up and he was peeved and told his neighbours to jog on but the other guests hid so that guthix wouldn't see them and lo and behold, he fell asleep again and that's when the party really started.
[02:12] The ghosts got so drunk they could barely talk
[02:13] ...
[02:15] Mod Osborne sure can talk.
[02:18] Subtitles can't keep up with him
[02:19] so we can sit and watch him chat away...
[02:22] >or I can tell you about how watching mod osborne could win you a prize.
[02:25] ....
[02:27] so the video team have all manner of stuff around our room
[02:29] and frankly, we could do with clearing some space
[02:31] so, whoever can list the most quests that mod osborne mentions,
[02:35] will win....
[02:36] something.
[02:37] We're not sure what yet, maybe a mug,
[02:40] signed artwork
[02:42] and as I've just found a musical score from James Hannigan lying around
[02:45] there's that too.
[02:48] there's a forum thread for you to leave your answers
[02:51] and if we're patient, a link will appear on the screen taking you there
[02:55] ....
[02:58] it'll be here in a minute.
[03:08] Told you! :P
[03:09] We'll look at who got the most and announce the winner in a Behind the Scenes in a couple of weeks
[03:12] Good luck!
[03:13] Ok, Mod Osborne's nearly done!
[03:15] What he doesn't know is that he doesn't win a prize whether he completes the challenge or not...
[03:17] By the way, if there's a challenge you'd like Behind the Scenes to set a J-mod, Let us know in the comments.
[03:19] Right, back to the video and sorry about the subtitles. Bye!
[03:23] Yes! Get in!
[03:28] See you next week for another behind the scenes and don't forget,
[03:31] if you've got a RuneScape 3 question you want to ask for next week's developer Q&A,
[03:35] you've got till Monday 10th June to get them in.