Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #55 - Order of Ascension

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
The Order of Ascension
[00:07] The Order of Ascension have malice on their minds
[00:10] as they look to do what it takes to turn a man into a god.
[00:14] Mod Jack and Mod Doctor are here tell us more.
[00:18] There's been a lot of talk about the new ranged slayer dungeon
[00:21] and it's finally here with the Order of Ascension.
[00:26] This new ranged slayer dungeon has been heavily anticipated.
[00:29] There are several new slayer targets for ranged players,
[00:32] new bosses that require both ranged and slayer to defeat and a dark story to tie it together.
[00:37] The order are misguided Guthix followers who are committing atrocities in his name.
[00:41] The Order were originally created to stand against the gods but with the death of Guthix they're lost their way.
[00:45] They've been kidnapping people from nearby villages and experimenting on them.
[00:50] North East of mobilising armies in the Feldip Hills is a mysterious chapel where the orders victims are taken.
[00:55] Standing outside is Ocellus a Guardian of Guthix.
[00:58] He's here to stop the order but he's tried to confront them once and failed so now he needs the players help.
[01:04] The dungeon is pretty large and the enemies are packed in quite tight so there are plenty of them to fight.
[01:09] At the back of the dungeon is an area reserved for players with high agility.
[01:12] There are 4 new enemy types that are unique to this dungeon.
[01:15] All the enemies are magic users but they'll engage the players in different ways.
[01:19] You'll need to use a variety of different abilities to defeat them.
[01:21] You'll require level 81 slayer to fight the enemies.
[01:26] For the bosses you'll need a slayer level of 95, at least level 80 equipment and be ready for a seriously challenging fight.
[01:33] The area can be soloed but it's social slayer friendly as well.
[01:37] One of the enemies is much easier to defeat when you've got a friend.
[01:39] The bosses you can fight them on your own or you can join forces in a private room with your social slayer partner.
[01:47] We've introduced some level 90 weapons,
[01:49] a main hand and an offhand ascension crossbow for people that are able to defeat the bosses.
[01:55] You can also obtain law books from defeating enemies which contain the secret history of the order.
[01:59] We're really proud of this update ad we're sure the players are going to enjoy playing through it.
[02:03] So with new slayer targets, new bosses, new ranged rewards
[02:06] and a story that spans the forth and fifth ages the Order of Ascension is not to be missed.
[02:12] As the 6th age draws closer, Mod Osborne gets comfy and updates us RuneScape's story so far.
[02:19] All of it in under 3 minutes.