Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #54 - God Emissaries

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the scenes
God emissaries
[00:08] With so many gods vying for attention
[00:10] it's not easy knowing who to follow such is the problem for the citizens of Gielinor
[00:15] fortunately Runescape gods have sent down Emissaries in a bid to help you make up your mind.
[00:22] So many players affiliate themselves with one god or another some are Zamoracian some are Saradominists.
[00:26] We've never really given the chance to do that officially in game
[00:30] so now is your chance to see one of the eight god emissaries and actually affiliate themselves with one of those gods.
[00:37] You'll be able to find them throughout the free world in Varrok and Lumbridge things like that,
[00:40] they've got their own map icon so you should be able to spot them.
[00:44] Out of the eight gods that are represented there are a few that really stand out, that are really quite interesting.
[00:49] We've got the Godless who aren't actually a god they're a faction and they represent those that don't really want to support a god
[00:56] they're looking to defend against the gods and protect the innocent so they really interest me.
[01:00] It's going to be something you're going to see more of in the future.
[01:02] We've also got Sliske ad Sliske is if you've been playing The World Wakes someone who may or may not be a god
[01:09] so there's always that interest whether he will be one or the other and this will give you a bit more information on that.
[01:14] We've also got Zaros.
[01:16] Zaros is one of my favorites he's kind of a puppet master a master of shadows.
[01:20] Each of the Emissaries is a new character they haven't been seen in game before
[01:25] and they're all very distinct some of them are particularly strong.
[01:28] I really like the Armadyl one he looks like a character from Labyrinth he's got this long neck and bird like face.
[01:33] I really think that some of the graphics are some of the best we've seen.
[01:40] The choice of god is completely up to you.
[01:41] We really want you to pick based on what those gods represent
[01:45] and each of those emissaries will tell you what the philosophy of their god is.
[01:48] We've take a lot of time to decide what the philosophy of each god is
[01:51] to make sure they're viable, something you can really stand behind.
[01:54] Your choice is in no way permanent about which emissary you choose.
[01:58] At any point if you decide that you want to become a Seren follower or a Bandos follower
[02:03] you can do that just by checking in ou don't have to restart the content to do so.
[02:06] Free players are able to play this content. They're able to go and talk to the emissary they're in the free world.
[02:11] They'll be able to go there get their banner and affiliate with a god, choose from the philosophies.
[02:15] Member players will be able to go and play through some tasks.
[02:18] Tey're asking you to basically contribute to the cause of your chosen god.
[02:22] Those are grouped into 3 you've got exploration, you've got combat and you've got skills
[02:26] and they will also get additional rewards some story rewards and some item rewards if they complete the majority or all of those tasks.
[02:33] One emissary's tasks will be just as hard to complete as another emissaries
[02:37] so that means the only reason you're picking one emissary is because that is the god for you and that's really important.
[02:42] So the big aim with the emissaries is your choice of god, your choice of emissary will determine future content.
[02:49] So it's not only about getting to know your god, getting to know their philosophy.
[02:52] It's about changing the future of your Runescape story.
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