Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #53 - Farming

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Can you dig it
[00:08] This week Behind the Scenes talks to Mod Moltare
 about some very useful new content
[00:12] aimed at RuneScape's pro Farming community.
[00:16] Players with high Farming levels may have noticed that some of
 the patches don't have much to offer at high levels at the moment.
[00:23] We intend to address this.
[00:25] We're adding a range of 10 new seeds to be used in
 cactus patches, bushes, flowers, hops and crops
[00:31] that high level players will be able to take advantage of.
[00:33] Players will be able to get these new seeds from high level pickpocketing
[00:37] as well as from rewards for the Vinesweeper and Mobilising Armies minigames.
[00:42] Four of these new crops will give players the same
 sort of goods that they're used to growing.
[00:45] That produce will be useful as an alternative method of
collecting valuable Herblore and Summoning supplies.
[00:52] Four of them will instead provide skill boosts in a number of other related skills
[00:57] and one of them will allow you to grow the new god grapes.
[01:02] With the new god grapes and a high
enough Cooking level you can create god wines.
[01:06] Wine of Zamorak's an old favourite but we're adding
 wine of Saradomin and wine of Guthix as well.
[01:11] These wines can be added to existing
 brews to enhance them into super versions.
[01:16] Astute players, and no doubt they all are, will have noticed
 we're adding 10 seeds and we've only mentioned 9 here.
[01:25] We're hoping that this update will give our players with high Farming skill
[01:28] a wider choice of crops to grow and some excellent produce to claim from it.
[01:34] Next week on Behind the Scenes Mod Lee talks us
 through the brand new RuneScape 3 website
[01:39] and Mod Osborne introduces us to God Emissaries.