Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #52 - The Nexus

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
The Nexus
[00:07] In this weeks behind the scenes Mod Krista's here to tell us about some godly advancements to Prayer Training.
[00:15] The nexus is a new skill training method for members with low level prayer
[00:20] Prayer gives you boosts; it boosts your armour, your defense.
[00:25] It makes it easier for you to get through the game for you to attack and to be in combat
[00:30] and the higher level the more skills and bonuses you get from prayer.
[00:35] So although you've got like gilded alters and ectofunctus and the ability to buy bones and go through that way
[00:42] there are a lot of people who just want to go through and have the pure experience
[00:44] or don't want to have to pay or wait until they've gained a load of gold before they train up their prayer.
[00:50] So it's something that people can do straight away and its something that new players and old players can all do together
[00:55] To address this I looked at making a self contained area where players could go, it's got its own storyline,
[01:04] it's got a past, its linked through to things that have happened in Runescape for a very long time.
[01:12] For example the wall beasts in the swamps below lumbridge. They've been a feature for many years.
[01:18] I wondered what if this was the tip of the iceberg? What if this was a symptom of a much larger problem?
[01:24] The idea is there's corruption that's being spewed out by this creature so there's this big mass of wrongness
[01:34] that's kind of trying to break through so players can go and collect this corruption
[01:40] and then using artifacts and pillars you can then channel it through
[01:45] and purify the corruption that has been produced using the power of prayer.
[01:51] There are 2 new NPCs there's a druid called Ysondria who's going to be your introduction to the new training method and what you need to do in the area.
[01:59] She's passionate about this whole experience, there's a lot to learn from her.
[02:04] She might be slow coming forward with that but if you keep talking to her there is an awful lot to find out from her.
[02:09] And then there is the Grotesque which is the manifestation of this evil.
[02:17] There's aspects of this content that you can only get from working together.
[02:20] It's such a big evil that it needs a group of people working against it
[02:26] so to get the best experience you're going to want to work together with lots of people.
[02:32] Although this content is most beneficial for players with low level prayer the rich storyline
[02:36] and character's you're going to meet make it interesting and beneficial for players of all levels.
[02:41] Next week RuneScape goes all agricultural as Behind the Scenes unearths the latest additions to Farming.