Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #51 - RS3 Music, Orchestral Score

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
RuneScape's Orchestral Score
[00:07] The audio team didn't go to the ends of the earth to record
the orchestral soundtrack to Runescape, they went to Slovakia.
[00:14] This week Behind the Scenes meets composer James Hannigan
[00:17] Conductor Alan Wilson and Jagex's
very own Mod Lord to hear what's coming.
[00:34] Today we've coming to Bratislava to this absolutely beautiful
building and we're here to record an orchestra for Runescape.
[00:45] We've made a lot of improvements to music recently in Runescape.
[00:48] We've added live players, singing, but this really
takes it to the next level. This is something special.
[00:54] I'm James Hannigan I've been composing for games for 17 years.
[01:00] I've worked on the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings.
[01:04] Working on Runescape is really very exciting for me because I actually
signed up to play the game when it was first introduced around 10 years ago.
[01:13] I'm a huge fan of Runescape and the fantasy genre in general.
[01:17] James Hannigan was really up for writing music for Runescape,
it's his kind of style, the old sort of medieval style.
[01:23] He likes the big epic themes.
He's really good at writing exciting music.
[01:28] He writes wonderful melodies and really good counter
melodies. His harmonies are very very adventurous.
[01:38] Today we've recorded quite a variety of material.
[01:42] Two of the most important tracks were
variations on the existing Runescape theme.
[01:49] We've got a very nice soft,
low key, very lyrical version of the theme,
[01:54] which I think has come out very nicely and
we've got a grand sort of large scale take, the big theme.
[02:15] It's a strong theme, it's known by a lot of people,
[02:17] we wanted to be quite sympathetic to the history of RuneScape,
[02:22] but we really wanted to take it to the next level.
[02:24] The orchestra itself is called the
Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.
[02:28] The lineup we have here today is a full string session,
[02:30] 14 first violins, 12 seconds, 10 viola, 8 celli and 6 basses,
[02:35] which is a really good size for a string session.
[02:38] And to compliment that we have a fairly large brass session of
[02:41] 6 French horns, over there we have
3 trumpets, 3 trombones and a tuba
[02:45] and then we have the regular symphonics woodwind session,
[02:48] which is 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets and 2 bassoons.
[02:57] They are first class, world class.
[03:01] They're a very established orchestra and so they were the perfect choice,
[03:06] the sound that we're going for as well is very rich, lush fantasy music.
[03:13] I think it's very appropriate for this environment,
there's a lovely concert hall, a lovely space.
[03:17] The acoustics in here are absolutely fantastic.
[03:27] There's 2 elements you can never replace
electronically and that's soul and spirit
[03:31] and that's what you get from a live orchestra,
playing live and being recorded live.
[03:36] It's a real humbling experience to hear pure musicianship
playing, there's no electronics, there's no correcting things,
[03:44] it's just musicians who've dedicated their lives to
their instruments and the whole sound is just magical.
[04:03] Today has gone very very well.
They really blew me away, they exceeded all my expectations
[04:09] and we got some really nice music recorded.
[04:27] Feels absolutely fantastic to be here.
To feel the music come to life,
[04:31] the realization of all the ideas we've been putting
together over the months, it's a fantastic feeling.
[04:52] Leveling up your prayer is always a tough one
[04:55] and in next week's Behind the Scenes we talk to
Mod Krista about one of the hardest skills to train.
[05:00] Behind the Scenes let us pray.