Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #50 - Hit Chance & God Wars

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Hit Chance & God Wars
[00:07] There are improvements to God Wars in this weeks behind the scenes
[00:10] but before we take a look at that here's Mod Avatar with news on new armour types
[00:15] and some player feedback inspired tweaks to hit chance.
[00:19] Hit Chance is where we compare your equipment to your opponent's equipment
[00:23] and if your equipments better than theirs you have a higher chance to hit them.
[00:26] Basically we take into account all of your offensive stats so anything that's contributed from your weapon or your armour
[00:33] and then we compare that against your opponents defense stats
[00:36] the current implementation of it is quite awkward and convoluted it didn't work as we wanted it too when we released EOC.
[00:42] A lot of players have said they haven't seen their stats making enough of a difference in combat as they used to,
[00:47] what we've done is we've tweaked the stat contribution towards your hit chances and your defense chances.
[00:54] Because we're reworking how stats contributed to your combat effectiveness.
[01:00] Potions and prayers that increase your actual level will also benefit from the stat contribution we're adding
[01:08] We're now introducing new types of armour into the game.
[01:11] Tank gear, which is maximum defense and maximum life point bonus.
[01:16] The power armour you'll sacrifice your life points and your defense rating for increased damage.
[01:24] The Hybrid you won't suffer any penalties across all of the styles, your defense against all styles will be the same
[01:31] but you'll have a similar armour decrease but a massive drop in your total hit points.
[01:37] We just hope it will give players a lot more choice, they're been asking for it a lot
[01:41] and we decided with the reworked hit chance we can support this type of gear now.
[01:46] The players feedback is really important to us
[01:47] all of the changes to the hit chance and the armours have been driven by player feedback initially anyway
[01:52] so we will keep an eye on the players feedback and make sure we can incorporate their opinions and ideas into the future of combat.
[02:02] God Wars is a big PvE dungeon in Runescape really popular it's been popular for years
[02:06] and it's just a massive area full of bosses and monsters to get some awesome armour and weapons from.
[02:12] We've made a few tweaks to the God Wars boss rooms
[02:16] and that involves adding a grouping system and a little bit of fun and challenge with the new hard mode encounters.
[02:21] Following the success of the Kalphite king we realized people do like the ability to have private groups.
[02:25] It removes the risk of being crashed by other groups
[02:28] so what I've done is I've extended that and brought in the god wars fights to that system
[02:32] and now you can make your own version which is private to you and your friends.
[02:36] So what this does is it allows you to get to the doors and if there's a group in there
[02:39] you can go right lets make our own party and go straight in anyway.
[02:42] It does increase the amount of people that can go into bosses concurrently
[02:45] which obviously means a lot more weapons and armour coming into the game
[02:48] to balance this when you make your own personal version of the grouping system boss fights
[02:53] we do ask for around two hundred thousand gold an hour and you can top it up whilst you're in there.
[02:57] Anyone can top it up so if I make a party and someone comes with me they can top it up when we're in there,
[03:02] we can stay as long as we want you just have to pay that little fee.
[03:05] There's always the option when you get to the doors you don't have to make a personal version
[03:09] you can go straight into the original one for free as normal.
[03:12] Grouping system is one of the 2 things we've added with this update
[03:15] the other one is the addition of what we're calling hard mode.
[03:18] Hard mode was the brain child of Mod Dean
[03:20] he was really excited by the recent World Wakes quest
[03:23] so anyone who's played the world wakes will have fought 3 of the original 4 god wars bosses.
[03:27] So what we've done is we've brought those mechanics into the group environment,
[03:30] they're much harder much more challenging and hopefully much more fun.
[03:33] The fourth one Commander Zilyana was missing from the quest in a way you never got to fight her head on
[03:38] but we have included a hard mode for her which is something I made up and hopefully everyone will enjoy.
[03:43] There's not any new armour or weapons this time round however we have increased the general value of the drop table
[03:48] so you should receive more income for your outcome.
[03:51] For each boss in the god wars hard mode encounters we've added a unique stone
[03:55] it's a quite common drop and every time you have the stone in your inventory
[03:59] when a hard mode boss dies it'll store like a charge
[04:02] so if you kill Commander Zilyana with a Saradomin stone in your inventory it'll add one to it so to speak.
[04:07] What that does is it stores the kill count so you can take that outside of the god wars dungeon and bring it back in as well
[04:12] and it removes the need to do that kill count so if I'm with a friend and he's already got the kill count
[04:18] I can literally get my stone out if I've killed 40 bosses before and run straight through the door
[04:22] and it will take it from the stone instead rather than me having to grind the kills.
[04:25] So the grouping system and the hard mode should make it easier for the players to group up together
[04:29] and take on these new challenges and I wish them all the best of luck.
[04:33] The audio team are pulling out all the stops to make RuneScape's soundtrack a goose bump inducing orgy of noise.
[04:39] Audio Lead Mod Lord will be here to tell us more with a little help from Bafta Winning composer, James Hannigan.