Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #4 - Combat Buffs, Weaknesses, the Crucible!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the Scenes
The Crucible and The Evolution of Combat
[00:06] Coming up in this week's RuneScape Behind the Scenes,
[00:09] Mods Chris L and Hunter take us through
[00:11] the Evolution of Combat's new Buffs and Weaknesses.
[00:14] But first, prepare to see Bounty Hunter like never before
[00:18] as we delve a little deeper into Runescape's upcoming "Crucible" update.
[00:22] Located far beneath the wilderness,
[00:24] the crucible is a cavernous area that's home to an elite group of rogue warriors.
[00:29] It's here that players over combat level 60
[00:31] will be assigned specific player targets
[00:33] and charged with bringing them down in bloodthirsty battle.
[00:37] Targets are assigned based on combat potential rather than pure combat levels,
[00:40] meaning that you can be sure that you and your opponent will be well matched.
[00:45] You're going to need to hone your skills before battle
[00:47] as the winner of each fight gains ALL drops from their opponent.
[00:50] Thankfully, there's a grace period at the end of each encounter
[00:53] you can leave the action, bank your loot then re-enter the fray.
[00:58] You'll also gain ranking points each time you win a battle
[01:01] which you can spend on unique death titles and taunts
[01:04] for you to enrage your fallen opponents.
[01:06] They're also used to determine the crucible's 'Supreme Champion'.
[01:11] This champion gains access to a host of new combat items
[01:14] designed specifically for the crucible.
[01:16] Warriors can brandish "Annihilation",
[01:18] rangers wield "Decimation"
[01:20] and mages harness the dark powers of "Obliteration".
[01:24] There are more crucible-only items to be found by looting corpses between kills,
[01:28] including powerful combat gloves which offer a healthy Life Point boost.
[01:31] Brave players can look forward to some of the most brutally intense
[01:35] and rewarding combat yet seen in RuneScape
[01:37] when the "Crucible" arrives shortly.
[01:41] Behind the Scenes - The Crucible and The Evolution of Combat
[01:45] Now it's time to join Mods Chris L and Hunter
[01:48] for another peak at the Evolution of Combat.
[01:50] This week, we're taking a look at how Buffs and Weaknesses will work.
[01:54] Hi guys, Mod Chris L with Mod Hunter,
[01:56] talking about the Evolution of Combat again.
[01:58] We're going to go over the side-panel which is the thing you just showed there.
[02:00] It's not like that, I promise - it's sort of still attached to the tab;
[02:04] we've just made it clearer to see in this video.
[02:07] Yep, so we're about to look into the sub-tab which controls the XP.
[02:12] In live, currently, you can equip a two-handed sword,
[02:15] switch to a crossbow and you're in defence mode.
[02:18] Loads of people don't like that,
[02:21] so we're letting you chose what your XP goes into.
[02:23] Yep, we're back on the main tab here now,
[02:25] so this is the thing we expect people will be using the most.
[02:27] You've got your "targets" information at the top - that can be an NPC or a player
[02:31] - it's our faithful "punch-bag" NPC for now.
[02:33] And the bottom bit is... I think this was me in this video!
[02:36] If you had a chat-head, you'd see it in the top-left, we're working on that,
[02:40] and this guy suffers a lot for our trials.
[02:42] We also got the buffs and the effects running - red is bad, green is good.
[02:48] Yep, so you've just seen the Defence and Magic icon come onto the character there.
[02:53] That was because potions were drank which boosted stats,
[02:56] quite simply, so green means "good - your stats are higher than normal".
[03:00] The other icon there is for Protect Melee,
[03:04] which you'll notice is a new icon as well.
[03:06] Yep, we've also set the guy on fire,
[03:08] so you can see he's got that effect running on him at the top -
[03:10] and it's just ran out, so you know you're good to re-apply that now.
[03:13] He's also got vulnerability he's suffering from there.
[03:16] Yeah, he's also now "chocked" as well,
[03:18] which is an icon on yourself as well, to show that you're doing that attack
[03:21] and you can't do anything else at the same time.
[03:23] Yeah, and now he's bleeding out, so that's that icon.
[03:26] It relates to an ability that you'll find out about in due time, I'm sure.
[03:29] Yeah - which is an awesome ability as well!
[03:32] And we've also changed the "hit marks", haven't we?
[03:35] Yeah, we have. So the one without the
[03:38] red background is auto-attack damage, which comes all of the time.
[03:43] The red ones are ability damage, which occur on top of that.
[03:47] Yeah, it's just about giving feedback so even if you miss an animation
[03:51] - and there are a lot of new animations -
[03:52] it's just to show that if you see the red, you know it was
[03:55] a specific ability that dealt that damage,
[03:58] rather than just someone hitting as normal.
[04:01] And you probably heard the sounds are in now.
[04:03] These are all work in progress again, but, it's coming together.
[04:06] The Audio guys are going through a lot of sounds, reworking them all
[04:09] for the new abilities and attacks that are all going to be
[04:12] fully synced-up and sounding good by release, we hope!
[04:15] Yeah pretty much every team is going through a lot,
[04:18] just like the graphics last week.
[04:20] Yes, you can see over time this guy's health has gone down.
[04:23] He's got a lot of health - he's got like 10,000 life points
[04:25] because we just wail on him every day, the poor guy!
[04:28] I think someone just spotted on the forums that he's got
[04:29] a Dragon Defender in his right hand.
[04:33] As you can see, he's just an NPC we built
[04:35] and he's got weird configs. Like he's got the old
[04:38] Bandos gear, hasn't he?
[04:39] Yeah, but he is a good guy to punch -
[04:41] he just never likes to go down!
[04:45] And finally you'll see we've got a little combat display.
[04:47] Obviously we haven't touched on that yet -
[04:48] his combat level is only 2, poor guy!
[04:50] But ours is... er, I can't quite make out that number, can you?
[04:54] It looks a bit like an 8 I think, doesn't it?
[04:56] Not quite, but maybe we'll go over that in the future!
[05:00] That's all from Behind The Scenes this week.
[05:01] Join us next time for a bumper combat edition of Behind the Scenes
[05:05] as we take a look at the Action Bar
[05:07] and a new feature that's still under wraps!