Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #49 - Choose the quest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
Pirates vs Dwarves vs Gnomes
[00:08] In this week's behind the scenes, the community takes control!
[00:11] We've tracked down representatives of pirate, dwarf and gnome quests
[00:14] and asked them why their quests should be continued.
[00:18] Once you've heard what they have to say,
[00:19] you'll be able to vote for your chosen quest line through the magic of YouTube's annotations.
[00:24] First up then, it's the pirate quest.
[00:32] You want some garlic bread with that, matey?
[00:34] Wait! You're not here for the stinky trimmings!
[00:38] You're here about the next pirate quest where you'll be mobilising the pirate council.
[00:43] An' you'll be bringing war to Rabid Jack. Problem is, he'll be bringing war to you too.
[00:49] An' you want to know the hook?
[00:50] The monkeys will be getting involved. Ninja monkeys, no less.
[00:55] So, vote pirates and remember don't vote Gnomes, they're going Gnomewhere!
[01:13] Oh excuse me, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but got any mithril, mate?
[01:17] Tell you what; it could buy you some information
[01:20] My ear's low to the ground, and I've got the word about the last dwarf quest.
[01:25] Apparently, you'll be taking down the Red Axe.
[01:28] There's going to be enough combat to make a berserker berserk.
[01:32] And you could get your hands on explosive gear.
[01:36] But if you want to know more, vote dwarf!
[01:40] And remember, Pirates ain't a patch on Dwarves!
[01:45] Move along son, move along!
[01:48] "Mithriller! Mithriller night, ooh thriller!"
[02:04] Heckel Funch!
[02:05] Spook me like that again and I'll jab you in the worm crunchies!
[02:09] We wear these pointy hats for a reason, you know.
[02:11] Look, I'm sorry, the problems at the Grand Tree are getting to me...
[02:14] But the next gnome quest will change all that.
[02:17] It'll be like Inception with gnomes. Gnomeception.
[02:20] You see, things ain't what they seem in RuneScape.
[02:22] When you break Glouphrie's illusion machine, you'll see Gielinor in her undercrackers.
[02:27] Arposandra, Glouphrie, the dark gnomes: you'll find out what they really are.
[02:32] Now, leave me alone and vote for the gnomes - it's a gnome brainer.
[02:37] Oh and don't vote for Dwarves, they'll sell you short!
[02:49] Now you've heard from all 3 it's time to choose which quest you want to see continued.
[02:53] Click on the corresponding annotation of your chosen quest and your vote will be counted.
[02:58] Whoever has the most votes on May 3rd, wins.
[03:05] Next week, behind the scenes talks to Mod Avatar about feedback inspired changes to hit chance
[03:09] and Chris L tests your mettle with some hardcore Godwars action.