Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #48 - Benefits of HTML & Duel Arena

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
RS3 and Duel Arena
[00:06] With the beta just around the corner Mod Conor's back again to show just what HTML 5 will do for Runescape 3
[00:14] but before we unleash him here's Mod Stead with news on the latest update to the Duel Arena.
[00:19] The Duel Arena is a place where players can go and duke it out in combat one to one.
[00:25] It's open to members and free players and its located North East of Al Kharid and you can teleport there directly using the ring of duelling.
[00:35] The entire Duel Arena has been graphically reworked to match the surrounding desert area.
[00:40] It's now a much more fitting place to battle it out with your friends and foes.
[00:49] The new Duel Arena has been designed to complement the lore associated with Het, who's the desert god of physicality and strength.
[00:57] We've played on the idea the arena was a lost training grounds for the warriors of Het
[01:02] and it's still being uncovered as part of an archeological dig.
[01:06] So we've also redesigned the layout of the Duel Arena and we've brought all of the amenities from the old field hospital inside the arena itself.
[01:13] We've also created a big grand entrance to bring a sense of drama to the area and also aid navigation as well.
[01:25] In order to make space for the new layout we've had to reduce the number of large arenas to four
[01:31] but we've got a new system in place which will mean less queuing and less waiting around for duels.
[01:36] Another cool addition to the dual arena is a standalone boxing match arena.
[01:40] Here players can participate in melee only combat which means no weapons and they'll be rooted to the spot so that means nowhere to run.
[01:53] So it's even quicker and easier to get into a fight, the Duel Arena is ready. Are you?
[01:58] HTML 5 is coming to Runescape and in less than a week the first group of beta testers will be putting it through its paces.
[02:06] But what's so great about HTML 5? Over to you Mod Conor.
[02:10] HTLM5 is packed with greatness for Runescape 3 and one of the most immediate improvements players will notice are the graphics.
[02:16] The technology behind HTML 5 has allowed us to really push the boundaries.
[02:20] You can see the engine at work when we compare Runescape to Runescape 3.
[02:24] Here we can see Canafis. In current Runescape the fog is pulled way in you can't see what's in the distance,
[02:30] you have to rely on that little signpost in the front.
[02:32] In HTML 5 the signpost is still there but you can also see the town, this is there to guide you it just looks much more beautiful.
[02:39] With all that extra draw distance we can now do proper skies and weather effects.
[02:43] What you can see here is just outside Al Kharid. In the current Runescape it's much more claustrophobic.
[02:49] What you have in HTML 5 is a more open and more expansive desert and you can see that cloud effect coming in over the distance.
[02:58] You can also see the colour palette at work here which really helps to brighten the place up.
[03:02] So here we are just outside Falador, we have duller colours the greens and browns that's all we really have in variation,
[03:10] this is the same area in HTML 5 and you can see that variety just come to life.
[03:21] We've yellows and greens, blues are deeper. We have the whites we have the sun shining off those whites to really brighten them up.
[03:28] The whole world is far more alive. You can really see how the colours and graphics pop out at you.
[03:36] Next let's look at some lighting effects, here's a video as we walk across Polypore in the game at the moment,
[03:41] the same shot in HTML 5 you can see in the distance that the edges of the creatures have that extra little bit of lighting and it brings a little bit more life into the area,
[03:51] combined with the improved colour and the improved draw distance so you know where you're going.
[03:56] We spent a lot of time on the lighting and here you can see it in action and then there's the water the shadows and the reflections.
[04:02] Here we have Burthorpe it's a great example of those 3 elements
[04:05] we have dynamic shadows we have real time reflections we have a whole new water shades. It is a whole new world.
[04:18] HTML 5's audio engine has allowed us to bring audio back to the fore it's the largest improvement we've made ever.
[04:28] Mod Lord is going to be talking a lot about the audio in RS3 soon and I promise not to steal his thunder but it's going to be a real step up.
[04:39] All this great stuff is possible because now you don't have to rely on Java and with HTML 5 you'll be able to play on chrome and a host of other browsers like firefox for example.
[04:48] These kind of advancements in tech mean a much quicker client load time and almost no download.
[04:52] Runescape 3 is a lot more than moving to HTML 5 but it really helps us bring it to life.
[04:58] Next week our Runescape 3 questions are answered in a developer Q+A and with three quest storylines written and ready to go
[05:05] it's your chance to vote for the quest you want to see next.
[05:08] Representatives of the pirate, dwarf and gnome quest will be along to tell you why you should vote for their storylines.
[05:14] Who wins? You decide.