Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #47 - Castle Wars & More RS3

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Castle Wars and more RS3!
[00:07] This week in Behind the Scenes, Mods Asherz and A.O.B tell us about the upcoming Castle Wars refresh
[00:12] and Mods Thatjim & Z whet our RuneScape 3 appetites with news of a new customisable interface.
[00:20] One of the core aspects of RuneScape 3 that we've been working on is our new interface system.
[00:24] Interfaces within RuneScape have lots of different types of functionality, you know for instance the inventory,
[00:29] the side stones, the chat interface, all of those things come together to make up what is kind of the RuneScape HUD.
[00:36] So some things we found is that we sometimes gave players too much information or too little information,
[00:41] we didn't allow you to have windows up at the same time, we forced these windows to be open in specific locations on the screen.
[00:48] At the heart of the new RuneScape interface system is customization that enables you to bring your content,
[00:54] the things you're interested in, to the forefront. So if I'm during game play and I want to move a window somewhere
[00:59] I can just pick it up and move it anytime I want, I can resize it, I can tab them into each other,
[01:04] I can swap them around, all of those things are at your fingertips all of the time.
[01:07] And what this now allows you to do is have exactly what you want where you want it and when you want it.
[01:14] So for the different types of player that means different interfaces, if you're a PK'er you might want to have
[01:19] all of your combat information front and center, you might want to have your ability books set up underneath your action bar.
[01:23] If you're a skiller you might want to have your inventory and skill advanced guide, all of that different content at your fingertips when you want it.
[01:30] If you want to move onto different types of game play, for your quester or interested in the lore
[01:34] you can bring up those pieces of content where you need them, when you want them.
[01:37] So one thing you can do is have your own customized presets and change them on the fly.
[01:42] If you've got a really small space that you want to have your interface in, you don't have to spend time resizing it, changing it,
[01:48] you can just drop it into that space and it will resize it for you - it's a fantastically powerful system that we are really excited about.
[01:53] Feedback has been so important in how we've been crafting the new interface system
[01:57] and the way we want to evolve on that is get it into the players hands as quickly as possible.
[02:02] Separate to the HTML5 beta is going to be our own new interface system beta,
[02:07] and that's going to allow the player to really get into the system, to test things, explore,
[02:11] and then ultimately give us feedback that can help us evolve it.
[02:14] And also let us know the best layouts, where do you like your inventory, your combat bar, how can we make it better for you guys?
[02:21] You can find full details on RuneScape 3's beta programs by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen.
[02:27] Now, what about those changes to Castle Wars? Ease us in gently Asherz, start from the beginning.
[02:34] Castle wars is a safe PvP mini-game which sees players capturing flags.
[02:39] After an allotted time whichever team has the most flag captures wins.
[02:43] We've made quite a few changes to castle wars, we've added a currency system,
[02:47] we've allowed helms, and we've made changes to balancing and a couple of game play tweaks.
[02:52] We've added a prayer altar, we've reduced the waiting time and we've also had a big graphical rework.
[03:04] The changes that we are making are due to player feedback, we felt players weren't getting anything for the time they were putting in,
[03:11] on the forums a lot of people were saying that they spent twenty minutes in a game
[03:16] and they weren't actually gaining any benefits from it, so the currency system now has been split into two versions of tickets,
[03:23] we have a silver ticket that you will gain regardless of whether you win lose or draw, these can be used to buy consumables
[03:30] such as a the ballista parts or chichompers, that kind of stuff,
[03:35] then have a gold version of the ticket which you will gain from winning or drawing
[03:40] and these will allow you to buy more armour based items.
[03:44] The armour stats we've changed, we've made them a lot more powerful - this is only in castle wars though.
[03:52] So helms make up a whole set of armour, certain armours do have a benefit of having a full set,
[03:58] players on the forums again that they couldn't get this armour bonus because we weren't allowing helms in.
[04:05] So, we thought we would allow them to take these in to get the full benefit of their armour
[04:09] so they can withstand the best chance of surviving in castle wars.
[04:13] Well the whole idea graphically is to bring the area to life.
[04:18] The old way the castles were made were really thin walls, and for us it was difficult to make the castles bigger and thicker
[04:28] because it would interfere with the game play.
[04:29] So what we did is we faked it by just making the battlements and the crenulations on top of the castle walls thicker
[04:35] to give the impression of the whole wall being bigger and thicker.
[04:39] From our point of view if you play on the highest level setting so that you get all the bloom effects
[04:45] and the nicer particle effects and so forth then we've accomplished what we're looking for
[04:49] and we hope then that the player enjoys what they see whilst they are playing.
[04:53] With the graphical improvements and the tweaks that we've made
[04:56] we think that we've added to the castle wars game play experience and we can't wait to see what the community think of it.
[05:01] Next week it's the turn of the Duel Arena to get a refresh!
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