Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #46 - Beta News and Dungeoneering

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] There's more on RuneScape3 in this week's Behind the Scenes with news on an upcoming html5 beta.
[00:14] But first, Mod Ollo has been making life better for Dungeoneers.
[00:18] Dungeoneering is a skill where players explore the dungeons of Daemonheim and they can fight monsters, solve puzzles and try to get deeper and deeper into the dungeon.
[00:27] We've made 2 changes the first of which is we've added some offhand weapons.
[00:32] When we released Dungeoneering at first, we didn't put any offhand weapons in this is a gap in the content we wanted to fill.
[00:41] Having offhand weapons allows the player to more customize their character and that gives a whole range of new strategies and tactics they can use within Dungeoneering.
[00:50] We've made offhand versions of all the weapons that exist within Dungeoneering. We've also added in new wands, orbs, throwing knives as well as ranged and mage shields.
[01:02] Dungeoneering is fairly melee heavy, there's a lot of melee weapons and we wanted to add some more variety for the magic weapons and for ranged weapons.
[01:10] We've also added a new reward to Dungeoneering which is a charming imp.
[01:15] The charming imp is a little imp that sits in your backpack and he'll collect charms for you. So he'll magically teleport charms when they're dropped by monsters into your backpack, saving you time.
[01:24] You can configure the charming imp to collect only the charms you want so you can ask to only collect say red and blue charms and he'll give you a small amount of experience as a sort of thank you for letting him keep the other charms.
[01:38] The charming imp is purchased from the rewards trader in Daemonheim.
[01:43] The charming imp will speed up your charm collecting and will cost you 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
[01:49] A large part of Runescape 3 is the HTML 5 engine it gives us smoother graphics, a deeper colour palette and a much further draw distance to give you a truer feel of Gielinor.
[01:58] Runescape becomes a brighter and more atmospheric place leading to a more engaging game play experience.
[02:02] So the extended draw distance means that suddenly the world of Runescape opens up. You notice more landmarks, things are more recognizable.
[02:11] You're no longer relying on the map and that means you can just explore and see that there's something over the next hill.
[02:16] You can see that those pieces of geometry that our modelers have put a lot of effort into can be seen from miles away and you can use them to find your way round the world.
[02:26] We've given the graphics team the ability to add sky boxes across the surface world so you'll see blue skies, clouds, foggy mists in Morytania all sorts of weather effects you've not seen in the game before.
[02:38] So one of the things we get from HTML 5 is the fact there are no more little loading boundaries. You'll notice as you walk across Runescape every now and again you see a little bit of loading coming up and it kind of staggers the experience.
[02:51] We've made it far more seamless. HTML 5 allows us to stream the world to you continuously so you no longer have to stop and start when you're moving.
[02:58] Runescape has 12 years of content it's been continuously updated week on week, moving all of that content to HTML 5 has been a significant challenge.
[03:06] So we've had a team working for over a year now to move the game client and engine over to HTML 5.
[03:12] Previously when we moved from Runescape to Runescape 2 we invested a lot of our time into updating the graphics, bringing them in line with what we needed for the new engine.
[03:23] What we're doing with HTML is taking all that work that we've already done adding a little bit on top of it and making it really shine.
[03:29] Runescape's very large and like I said there's a lot of content there.
[03:33] There's a lot of testing to make sure HTML 5 is operating correctly with everything we've already built and who better to help us with that than the community.
[03:41] For the new HTML 5 Beta we're going to recruit a small subsection of the Runescape community this is going to have a wide cross section of computers so that we can test the game client on as many different specifications as possible.
[03:52] We'd love to invite everyone but as we're tracking everyone's activity in the Beta we need to keep that group to a much smaller number.
[03:59] If players want to be part of that first round all they have to do is register their interest.
[04:03] Sign ups begin on the 3rd of April we'll be launching the Beta later that month. Before the signups go live we'll be posting a news post so keep an eye on the website for more information.
[04:14] Castle Wars gets a refresh in next week's behind the scenes and we get a first look at RuneScape3's tear and share interface.
[04:21] Oh, and in the meantime, keep an eye out for another bonus behind the scenes.