Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #45 - Wilderness Warbands

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Wilderness Warbands
[00:07] Wilderness Warbands is a distraction and diversion that will test of mettle of PKers and clans alike.
[00:13] Mod Chris L has all the details.
[00:16] So the wilderness warbands is a distraction and diversion due out in a week or two.
[00:20] It's going to get a lot of people in the wilderness for killing and a bit of skilling.
[00:23] You go out there and there's a bit of combat if you're into that, there's a bit of looting and stealth game play if you're into that
[00:28] and then there's a twist where all hell can break loose.
[00:32] The event leader Quercus is sitting in Edgeville. He's a bit more interesting than the current Ents we've got in the game.
[00:38] He runs the event he's sitting on the wilderness wall right next to the shortcut to the grand exchange.
[00:43] There's a camp every eight hours so there's three a day.
[00:47] When the warbands start you'll get a broadcast telling you where it is in the wilderness.
[00:51] There's three locations and it'll be in one of them. When you get there the camp will be inhabited by a group.
[00:56] You've got the four factions: Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and Bandos.
[00:59] And the idea is to interrupt this big beam in the centre of the camp without being seen.
[01:04] You really benefit from working together at the start you'll be able to get a big amount of prayer XP
[01:09] and then you can summon in reinforcements which is the opposing faction
[01:14] which gives you a lot of summoning XP as well which is very tasty, and then when they've arrived they'll all kill each other.
[01:18] skillers or non combatants can just sit back and wait for them all to die,
[01:21] if you have got combatants with you they can speed it up by getting involved.
[01:25] Each bandit group is lead by a general and they have a special sort of attack where they do a lot of damage to some people.
[01:32] It's easily undone by stunning him at the right time and hopefully you guys will all see the prompt and act on that.
[01:36] When everyone's dead and there's a winner they'll teleport off happy the battle is won and then you can loot.
[01:42] There's five tents you can loot only three of them will be active at each camp, it's a bit of a random variation there
[01:48] and of the skills three of them will be active and the skills can be construction, mining, farming, smithing and herblore.
[01:57] So you can take 25 total per event and you can mix and match that. They aren't stackable so they do take up inventory space.
[02:03] He camps are only lootable for five minutes if you've messed it up and 10 minutes if you've done it correctly.
[02:09] You take those back to Quercus on the wilderness wall and he'll trade those in for the relevant XP.
[02:15] At level 99 you'll get about 122,000 XP for handing in 25 items.
[02:20] However when you've got loot in your inventory it actually tele-blocks you so you do have to run out of the wilderness on foot
[02:26] so beware of those high traffic routes where people might be guarding.
[02:30] Obviously anyone that takes in items and gear they risk to lose that. You don't drop the items you hand in for XP,
[02:36] however, if you're killed each one turns into about 4000 coins so each person carrying items is worth a nice chunk of money to a PKer.
[02:43] So to mix it up a little bit when you're looting the tents there's a fairly good chance that you'll get one of these wands of treachery.
[02:51] It's a new wand its level 70 it doesn't degrade and its free to get so anyone can get it so hopefully a good bit of money making.
[02:58] However only one of them can be looted per camp so if I get it no one else will get it for that camp.
[03:04] The problem comes in that whoever loots it is glowing really really brightly.
[03:11] Everyone else around them will get told that this person has just got the wand
[03:14] and they'll be attackable in every way so when you get the wand you really really want to run.
[03:19] When you see it it's easy money and they're right there, so if they haven't got armor on or weapons hopefully an easy kill and that's money for you.
[03:28] You should play the wilderness warbands because it's really easy to get into, great rewards and if someone messes those rewards up for you, you can kill them.
[03:36] Offhand weaponry and charming imps are coming to Dungeoneering.
[03:39] Mod Ollo will reveal exactly what that's all about when we get together with him for next week's Behind the Scenes.